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Daniel Cormier Defends MMA Media Despite Regular Harsh Criticism from UFC Boss Dana White

Kevin Binoy

Daniel Cormier Contrasts With Dana White, Calls Islam Makhachev ‘Number One Pound for Pound’ Fighter

Over the past few years, Dana White has been brutally critical of the media. The UFC head honcho takes every chance he gets to fire shots at the media for not doing their job right. However, this criticism is a bit excessive according to former champion Daniel Cormier.

‘DC’ recently featured on an ‘MMA Junkie’ podcast on their official YouTube channel, where he shared his thoughts on the media coverage of the UFC. Interestingly, Cormier admitted that the media does get a lot of flak from people, including Dana White. However, being an integral part of the team that covers the sport, DC eventually spoke in support of his colleagues, saying,

“Look I know that the media gets a lot from people. Even Dana gets mad at the media. But the reality is that from the very start of what I did, I have always kind of been embraced by that side. But I also now understand more than ever, the opposite side cause people get mad. I love the fighters, I do not disrespect them. I just tell them the truth. Most times if you can take it as is, it will benefit you.”

Daniel Cormier went on to explain that when a pundit or a presenter says something about a fighter they usually give their take and move on with their life. They do not remember their previous comments or hold grudges. However, the fighter might listen to what is being said and hold onto it, leading to animosity between them and the media

Well, from Cormier’s anecdotes, it became clear that his dealings have encouraged a few UFC fighters to change their minds about the media. Yet, Dana White is quite staunch when it comes to his views.

A closer look at Dana White’s hatred for the media

In multiple interviews, Dana White has stated that he does not trust the media. For White, the main issue is that any line that he says is taken out of context and used to create clickbait articles.
While he was never a fan of the media, White’s hatred for it reached its peak when the media bashed him for greenlighting fights during the COVID-19 pandemic. He has since held a grudge against the media and takes every opportunity he can to call out specific journalists or publications before branding them as trash.

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