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UFC Legend Chael Sonnen Breaks Wife’s Secret, Discloses Hilarious Eyebrows Shaving Mishap

Souvik Roy

UFC Legend Chael Sonnen Breaks Wife's Secret, Discloses Hilarious Eyebrows Shaving Mishap

Chael Sonnen like every other dad in the United States has an issue with electric trimmers. But while most people just have an issue adjusting the numbers on the scale, Sonnen managed to shave off his eyebrows.

And yes, he did look like Baron Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen from Dune. And no, we don’t have the pictures. This is just a mathematical assumption.

The latest episode of the ‘Good Guy/Bad Guy’ podcast had ‘The American Gangster’ revealing a severe mishap that ended up in shaved off eyebrows.

There is a reason humans have eyebrows. Aesthetically speaking, people look super  weird without them. So it’s no wonder that Mrs. Sonnen wanted Chael to keep it a secret from Daniel Cormier since DC laughs at probably everything. The ‘Daddest man on the planet’ probably laughed when Thanos snapped away half the universe.


Needless to say, Sonnen failed to hold on to his promise as he revealed the “secret” before the first minute of the podcast episode. ‘The American Gangster’ also detailed what measure his wife had advised to save him from the embarrassment.

My wife told me, ‘Under no circumstances, tell Daniel that you shaved your eyebrows off on accident. She said, ‘Keep your glasses on, and then nobody will know’.”

Now, at this point in the story, you are wondering, if you can mistakenly shave off your eyebrows. They are pretty uniquely located. But it turns out, Uncle Chael couldn’t just deduce when to stop trimming his eyebrows.

To be fair to him, this is consistent in line with everything he’s done in his career. Chael Sonnen never did know when to stop. The Nogueira brothers will tell you that.

However, whenever he heard ‘It’s time’, Sonnen dropped the act on the mic, laced up his gloves and just went to town on whoever was bothering him on that day. And today, that unfortunate individual has the distinction of being Conor McGregor.

Sonnen accuses McGregor of faking an injury

UFC fans had been doubtful about McGregor’s participation in UFC 303 since the cancellation of the pre-UFC 303 press conference in Dublin. However, they had to wait for a few days more to get an official word from ‘The Notorious’.

It finally came on 15 June with an ‘X’ update, which revealed that ‘Mystic Mac’ had picked up an injury that would force him out of the UFC 303 main event.

Subsequently, McGregor also released the snaps of an injured toe via a now-deleted ‘X’ update. However, Sonnen isn’t buying whatever Conor is selling in those Proper 12 bottles.

The ‘Good Guy/Bad Guy’ episode had him accusing the Irishman of faking his toe injury to pull out of UFC 303. If it’s true or not, fans will never know but it’s perfectly fine to just chill out and wait for the end of the year since that’s when McGregor has promised a comeback.


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Souvik Roy

Souvik Roy


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