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Can Valorant Pro Players Use “Grim” Walls ?

Pranav Shetty

Can Valorant Pro Players Use "Grim" Walls ?

What is Valorant Grim Walls and why are Pro players refrain from using them?

Will “grim” Schreiner is a content creator for T1 known for exploiting Sage walls to get the most bizarre advantages over his opposition. His walls have even caught many pro players off guard, but why don’t pro players use these walls?

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Grim Wall Clips

Ascent B site

Breeze A site

Icebox B site 

Why pro players don’t use “grim” walls?

As one can clearly see these walls need an extremely high level of practice to pull off, going wrong is really easy. These walls can be used to gain a positional advantage that even Raze, Jett and Omen can’t achieve but the last thing one would want (after failing a grim wall) is getting asked whether he/she/they are trolling.

A Reddit user posted, “Why don’t pro players use grim walls?” It sparked a discussion, a user in the comment section mentioned that it’s a waste if the opponents go to the opposite site. Another user commented that grim walls were “super niche” and would “rarely get value in pro play.”

Since pros aim to get the most value out of each util in every round. Grim walls are great to get individual picks, get a man advantage and catch the opponent off guard but it is of no “strategic value” to the team as mentioned by one Reddit user. The walls are deemed selfish by some. Another user mentioned that the potential man advantage and “the pressure of the gimmick happening again” could play well with a team’s strategy.

VCT Masters 2/3 Location leak

On Tuesday Global Esports won against Enigma in Skyesports Souvenir 2022 that took place in Mumbai. Sukamal Pegu, Head of Publishing, India and South Asia Riot Games was found congratulating the winners. He mentioned that he was a “big fan” of Global Esports VALORANT Roster.

Further, he hoped that they would make it [0:51 – 0:54] “all the way to Berlin.” Coming from the Head of Publishing of South Asia this might be credible information. It’s easy to believe too since there has been a location repeat this year – Reykjavík.

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