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Valorant Fade Bind Lineups: All Fade Bind lineups for both defender and attacker side

Tanmaiy Reddy

Valorant Fade Bind Lineups: All Fade Bind lineups for both defender and attacker side

Take a look at Valorant lineups for Fade at Bind, for all A/B entry and defender sides to the most out of the Fade’s abilities. 

With Episode 4 Act 3 going live last week, we got to see the newest Agent Fade in action. Fade is a Turkish bounty hunter, who unleashes the power of raw nightmares to seize enemy secrets. She is the Turkish Initiator, with her being the first agent being in competition with Sova.

And with new agents, comes new lineups for their abilities. With Fade being an initiator her lineups would prove to be really useful in games. Here are some of the most useful Fade lineups for Bind.

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Valorant Fade Bind Lineups

These are the lineups for Fade’s passive ability(E). The abilities description is “Equip a nightmarish entity. FIRE to throw the orb which will plummet to the ground after a set amount of time. Upon hitting the ground, the orb will turn into a nightmarish entity that will reveal the location of enemies caught in its line of sight. Enemies can destroy this entity. RE-USE the ability to drop the projectile early in-flight.

These lineups are pretty straightforward, You just have to follow the lineup step by step.

Each lineup has a focus point, some points you have to align your UI with. These lineups are for both the attackers and defenders, useful for either getting information about the push or getting information about defenders’ holds on site.

For most of the lineups, the eye lands on inaccessible locations on the maps, which makes it harder to shoot down. So making the lineups really goof for the team.

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