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New Valorant Skin Bundles “Run It Back 3 and Sarmad”: Release date, Prices, Variants and more

Tanmaiy Reddy

New Valorant Skin Bundles "Run It Back 3 and Sarmad": Release date, Prices, Variants and more

With Patch 5.01 set to release today, we get to see leaks into the upcoming New Valorant Skin bundles coming to our stores.

Valorant releases a new patch every 2 weeks off of the release of that current act. And a day after every new patch is updated we get to see a new bundle hit out Valorant stores. And sometimes Riot does opt to release 2 bundles at one time if they are not the focus bundles.

Going into the upcoming patch we will get to see 2 new bundles join us. But these will not feature skin bundles like Reaver, Glitchpop, Prime, or more. However, these might still seem fun for players to get.

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New Valorant Skin Bundles

Run It Back 3

Run It Back is a bundle idea by Valorant which is used to bring old famous skins back to the stores. So far we have seen 2 Run it Back bundles which have been well received by the community.

Going into this run-it-back bundle, it consists of the following skins:

  • Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Classic – 1775 VP
  • Ego Stinger – 1775 VP
  • Radiant Crisis 001 Bucky – 1775 VP
  • Ion Phantom – 1775 VP
  • Magepunk Operator – 1775 VP

The whole bundle will be available for a total cost of 5495 Valorant Points.

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Sarmad is the new collection hitting our stores. This bundle seems to follow the inspiration from the Tigris collection. This collection will not have any variants or animations. However, one fun feature of this collection is that the melee is a dual-wielding one, which rarely appears in Valorant.

The Bundle consists of the following skins:

  • Melee – 2550 VP
  • Classic – 1275 VP
  • Specter – 1275 VP
  • Phantom – 1275 VP
  • Vandal – 1275 VP
  • Player Cards – 375 VP
  • Buddies – 475 VP

The whole collection is worth 5100 Valorant Points.

In fact, this is the only collection to have the Vandal and Phantom in one bundle.

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