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WATCH: Grigor Dimitrov performs a full split and still hits a rip-roaring pass against Nadal

Utkarsh Bhatla

Grigor Dimitrov Source: Seattle Times

Grigor Dimitrov has found it hard to really construct a breakthrough in his career. Identified as one of the most stylish players on tour, Dimitrov has found it hard to be consistent in the big tournaments, but has looked focussed and determined in his last few months on court, thanks to a very ‘fruitful’ week spent with Nadal in Mallorca.

Dimitrov seems to have rediscovered his calling in the tennis world and has been looking to dig deep and find his way to winning more titles.

And today he faced his dear friend Nadal standing on the other side of the net, hoping to make it to the final of the Beijing Open.

The duo rallied hard, brought their superior groundstrokes to the fore and occassionaly mixed it up with clever net play, but in the end it was Nadal, who sort of ran away with the deciding set, as Dimitrov visibly ran out of steam.

Dimitrov was in it for most part of the first two sets, scripting a brilliant comeback in the second set after being brushed aside in the first. But the third set proved to be a stroll in the park for Nadal as he dominated rallies from the word go and did not let Dimi settle into the match one bit.

But the shot of the match came in the third set, when Nadal, who was serving 4-1(0-30) stretched Dimi from one corner to the other through his powerful groundstrokes and then rushed to the net in order to complete a forehand volley.

Dimitrov, who was in no position to hit a passing shot, but ended up doing so while performing a full split. It simply has to be the shot of the tournament.

Check it out here:

Nadal will now face the winner of Kyrgios and Zverev.

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