WATCH: Serge Ibaka and Marquese Chriss throw punches, massive fight between Cavs and Raptors

Utkarsh Bhatla
|Published 12/03/2019

Serge Ibaka and Marquese Chriss took matters in their own hands in the Cavs vs Raptors game today, as the duo exchanged blows on court, before being ejected.

The incident took place right at the end of the 3rd quarter, when the Raptors threw the ball up court, for Ibaka to collect and shoot, with a second left on the clock.

Ibaka was brought down by Chriss, as the duo battled for the ball. The fall seemed to be a harmless one initially, but then Ibaka got to his feet and rushed towards Chriss, to shove him in the back, before holding his neck and throwing down a punch.

Chriss did not hold back, as he responded with a punch, before players and staff from both teams rushed onto the court.

Replays show that Chriss was actually the instigator, as he stared down on Ibaka post their little coming together at the end of the 3rd quarter, one that resulted in Ibaka being brought down to the ground.

The duo had it coming, as Ibaka had fallen down hard from a push from Chriss in the second quarter.

The pent up frustration made Ibaka act and the result was not very pretty.

Check out the video:

Bleacher report released a second angle of the fight, showing how the thing escalated really quickly, with Ibaka really trying to hurt Chriss there.

Now, Ibaka being a repeat offender could see a long time on the sidelines. The last time he threw punches, Robin Lopez was on the receiving end and the duo were handed out just a one-game suspension.

But with Ibaka being highlighted as a repeat offender now, the suspension could be a bigger one; in the hope that this could well be the last time he does something of this sort on the basketball court.

The Cavs managed to beat the Raptors handsomely tonight, as the the game ended 126-101.

The Raptors are vying for an Eastern Conference win this season, as their team is second in the East currently, with a 48-20 record.

Led by Kawhi Leonard, the Raptors are confident of going all the way in the east and then maybe even uprooting the Warriors when it comes to the NBA finals(if the Warriors make it this time).

What do you think should be the punishment for the duo?

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