WATCH : The Shield OFFICIALLY returns on Monday Night Raw

Siddharth Nair
|Published 10/10/2017

Yes its true!

One of the most powerful factions to ever come to the WWE, The Shield was a force of destruction that lay everyone to waste during its time in the WWE.

When you bring three supremely gifted individuals such as Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns together, you know that you are going to get something good. But no one has any idea how good they would eventually get.

For about two years, the Shield was the most powerful and most popular group on the WWE roster. Everything from their cutting edge promos, their entrance and their look made them a favourite of the WWE universe.

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And now they are back.

Last night on Raw, The Miz berated Roman Reigns and his buddies before the Big Dog made his entrance. Reigns made it clear that he was looking for a fight, before the Miz told him to leave.

The Miz also mentioned how the rumours of the Shield reuniting were just like Reigns, false and irrelevant. To that Reigns replied, “Who said anything about rumours?”

And then the long awaited return of the much loved faction happened at last, as Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins came and walked side by side Reigns towards the ring. The trio took care of Cesaro, Sheamus and the Miz entourage as they officially reunited in front of the whole world!

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