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WATCH: Superbike, F1 car, Supercar, Fighter Jet and Airliner take part in a 400 meter race

Utkarsh Bhatla

A crazy race took place between an F1 car, a superbike, 3 supercars, a fighter plane and a private plane during the Teknofest aviation, space and technology festival in Istanbul.

All the vehicles combined cost close to £32 million pounds.

The F1 car took the lead initially but was closed down fairly quickly by the superbike, thanks to its lighter weight.

The Tesla supercar, powered by an electric motor did manage to put up a good fight, as electric motor cars have a faster acceleration at the start.

The Fighter jet was able to finish in 3rd place, despite getting off to a slow start.

The race has to be a one of a kind one as engineering marvels from different walks of the auto world went up head to head against each other.

Social media was ablaze with what had just transpired:

Check out the video:

Now, a few F1 fans did contest the fact that the straight line speed of a Red Bull is slightly less than that of  a Ferrari/Mercedes, which largely resulted in the loss to the superbike.

“2012 F1 car on the old 325mm narrow rear tyres of the hardest compound used (orange sidewalls) just spinning the wheels on launch. Dusty, cold hard tyres, short distance. Change the F1 car’s tyres for a softer compound (pink or purple sidewalls), burnout just before the start. Easy victory. Use a newer (2018) F1 car that has much wider (405mm) rear tyres and another 150bhp = even easier win.” a Youtube user commented.

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