“We’re in lap 50, we’re in the third quarter, how deep are you going to dig?” : When Odell Beckham Jr. drew inspiration from Lewis Hamilton’s epic win at 2019 Monaco Grand Prix

Sahilpreet Singh Thind
|Published January 14, 2022

Throwback to the time Odell Beckham Jr felt inspired by Lewis Hamilton’s epic win at the 2019 Monaco Grand Prix win.

It’s fairly common that Athletes across various sports are often known to be friends. Odell Beckham Jr. and Lewis Hamilton are among such athletes. The duo has a strong bond despite living on two sides of the ocean.

Back in 2019, the Los Angeles Rams WR attended the Monaco Grand Prix, one of the most popular Formula 1 races in the world in the fanciest city of Europe. In what was Odell’s first-ever race, Lewis Hamilton would demonstrate incredible composure to win the race in a thrilling fashion despite trouble and inspire his friend.

NFL and F1 don’t have much in common but the 3 time Pro Bowler couldn’t help but draw parallels. Beckham Jr said :

I was watching the race and thinking about it as if I was in a game. We’re Lap 50, we’re in the third quarter. You’re getting tired mentally, how deep are you going to dig?

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Hamilton and Odell Beckham Jr toured the streets of Monaco

Before the race, Hamilton and Beckham Jr. went on a tour of the streets of Monaco. Beckham Jr., who said that Paris would be the only non-American city he would be willing to live in later admitted that Monaco is not far behind.

These are the same streets that turn into a racing circuit for the Grand Prix. And Lewis Hamilton tweeted a video of the duo driving around Monte Carlo on Wednesday as a throwback to the good time they had. Odell, of course, retweeted this.

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It was Hamilton’s third victory in F1’s most iconic race, and Beckham Jr added

This was something that motivated me, this was the Monaco Grand Prix. As I had a conversation with him I understood how much this one meant to him.

Before the video of Lewis and Odell hanging out in Monaco came out, Odell was traded to the Cleveland Browns. And he is seen discussing moving and how he needed a “fresh start”, with Lewis.

It’s 2022 and Odell is now with the Los Angeles Rams, has he found his itch ? time will tell as the Rams prepare to face off against the Arizona Cardinals in the NFL Wild Card Round on Monday.

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