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Willy Caballero Reveals Key Different In Thomas Tuchel And Frank Lampard’s Approach

Gautam Kapoor

Chelsea’s Players Growing Increasingly Dejected With Frank Lampard As Squad Voices Concerns Over The Tactics

The goal-keeper has labelled Lampard’s football as being extremely dizzying

All Thomas Tuchel has needed at Chelsea are two months to upend Frank Lampard as a manager. The clear gulf in quality between the two as coaches couldn’t have been anymore apparent than the fact that Chelsea shipped in four goals in their first tie under Lampard while Tuchel has let in a measly two in 13 matches at the club.

Yet to be defeated since taking over from Lampard, Tuchel has given this Chelsea squad a new meaning and life. Unlike the side which was struggling to piece together two meaningful bits of play under Lampard, this Chelsea side looks solid all across the pitch.

While Tuchel is yet to unlock Chelsea’s true potential as an attacking unit, the club certainly looks more cohesive in attack than it was under Lampard. The club has not only moved the ball around more quickly but its passes have resulted in dissecting clubs.

Willy Talks About Two Managers

Willy Caballero opened up on both Lampard and Tuchel as the Chelsea goal-keeper talked about the two’s modus operandi. Willy revealed how Tuchel had a more coherent idea of the game whilst Lampard preferred to adopt a more English style of play.

“Undoubtedly, with Frank, we had a more direct idea of ​​the game, basically English football. To attack fast, attack on the wings, move centrally or attack on one side and finish on the other but with quite a bit of verticality,” Willy said when talking about his old manager.

“The football he liked was very dizzying, with quick movements of the ball. He also liked attacking and counter-attacking.”

“Now with Tuchel, it’s more about combining, playing with the ball. We create more. He almost tells us how the match will develop, where the opponent’s key aspects are, their strengths and their weaknesses,” Willy continued as the touched upon Tuchel’s gameplan.

“With his ideas, from how he has achieved his teams to play well, he says to us what players we would need to be more involved in order to play brighter and follow his plan.

“Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but the idea of playing.”

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