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Wolff warns F1 to not provoke Ferrari

Utkarsh Bhatla

Toto Wolff claims he sold his Williams shares before getting it back undesirably 

The saga between Liberty Media and Ferrari keeps getting uglier by the day, with both parties dishing out some controversial statements about the other with regards to the future of Formula 1.

Marchionne, The Ferrari chairman has threatened to quit the sport if the proposed engine regulations and budget crap are enforced from season 2021.

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But is there any basis to these threats, or are they a shot in the dark again from Ferrari, in order to get what they want?

While a lot many from the F1 community believe that this is what Ferrari have been doing for so many years to get their way, Toto Wolff feels that F1 should take the threats seriously this time as Ferrari might actually leave.

“Don’t provoke Sergio Marchionne,” said Wolff,

“I think that F1 needs Ferrari more than Ferrari needs F1.

“And he has an understanding and a vision of what the DNA in F1 needs to represent for Ferrari, and as he is a no nonsense guy.

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“If he doesn’t see the value for his brand he is going to call it a day. Very easy. With no regret. So, you better not mess with him.” he added.

Wolff was addressing the media at Petronas’ event and was questioned about this as Jean Todt had last night mentioned that Ferrari should maybe lose its veto rights, as it didn’t make much sense now.

“The veto was at the time of Enzo Ferrari, and he was isolated in Maranello,” explained Todt.

“That was the only team supplying engine and chassis against some other teams that were all powered by Ford.

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“So at this time, it was decided that being away from what is called the silicon valley of motorsport, they needed to have a protection. That is the story about the veto.

“But personally, I feel now I am not in favour of that. Times have changed.” he concluded.

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