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Kenny Omega vs Andrade officially confirmed for Triplemania

Archie Blade

Kenny Omega vs Andrade officially confirmed for Triplemania

Kenny Omega vs Andrade officially confirmed for Triplemania. The cleaner will defend his AAA Mega Championship against El Idolo.

After weeks of speculation, former WWE Superstar Andrade appeared on AAA’s Rey De Reyes event earlier this month. Andrade made his intentions clear then and there itself calling out AEW Champion, Kenny Omega and challenged him to a match.

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Omega, who calls himself the collector, is also in possesion of the TNA World Championship and the  AAA Mega Championship; the latter of which has caught Andrade’s attention. However, Omega showed no interest in the match.

Unfortunately for him, that has had no bearing in the match being booked anyway.

Kenny Omega vs Andrade officially confirmed for Triplemania

AAA have now announced the match between Kenny Omega and Andrade. The two will face each other in the main event of Triplemania with the AAA Mega Championship on the line.

This could very well be the toughest challenge that has come Omega’s way in quite a while. There is no denying Andrade’s talent, However, following his time in the WWE, he will be more than willing to prove himself.

There is sufficient time for both stars to prepare for the match, Triplemania will take place on August 14th. Which means they have around two months before they share the ring together in AAA’s biggest show of the year.

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Archie Blade

Archie Blade


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