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Aalyah Mysterio kisses Buddy Murphy after confessing her love for him

Archie Blade

Aalyah Mysterio kisses Buddy Murphy after confessing her love for him

Aalyah Mysterio kisses Buddy Murphy after confessing her love for him. Seth Rollins offered to marry the couple while Rey and Dominik Mysterio disapproved.

WWE has long been called a soap opera for men. Tonight, however, it turned into a full-blown telenovela. A rebellious teen fighting against her family for a bad guy she knows she can change while the villain looked on satisfied with the unfolding drama.

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A romantic angle has been teased with Buddy Murphy and Aalyah for quite some time now and the WWE pulled the trigger on the couple on tonight’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown. Murphy and Aalyah walked out to the ring where the former Cruiserweight Champion apologized to Rey and Dominik Mysterio for his actions.

Neither of the two responded. Instead, it was Seth Rollins who walked out. The SmackDown Saviour told his former disciple that the Mysterio’s would never accept Murphy but he would. He even offered to marry off the couple if they wanted.

Rollins then began attempting to brainwash Aalyah telling her that her father wasn’t overprotective but controlling instead. This was when the Mysterio family had enough and came out rushing and ambushed their long-time nemesis.

Aalyah Mysterio kisses Buddy Murphy after confessing her love for him

Seth Rollins managed to turn things around in the brawl with Dominik. Murphy then pulled Dominik off and went off on his former leader. Rollins managed to escape and an enraged Dominik began squaring off with Murphy instead,

Rey then got involved and looked to finish Murphy off with a 619. However, Aalyah stopped her mid run. Her brother and father left the ring and asked her to follow them but she then professed her love for Murphy instead and kissed him as Rollins looked on and laughed.

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