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Former WWE Superstar Reveals Vince McMahon Told Him to Use F5 as Finisher After Brock Lesnar Left

Rishabh Singh

Brock Lesnar F5 Vince McMahon

When Brock Lesnar first made his debut in WWE in 2002, he was immediately pushed as “The Next Big Thing”. His first run saw him conquering big mainstay wrestlers like The Rock, Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, and many more. Even today, wrestlers tremble in their boots in Brock’s presence. In 2002, Lesnar became the youngest WWE Champion at the age of 25 by defeating The Great One, The Rock at Summerslam. Over the years, Lesnar has added many moves to his arsenal, but there is only one wrestling move that is heavily synonymous with him, the F5. 

Even wrestlers with massive physiques such as The Big Show and Mark Henry have been thrown midair like a human Frisbee. Brock’s departure from WWE in 2004 left Vince McMahon in a state of shock.

However, McMahon came up with an idea to emulate Brock’s impactful wrestling prowess by having another WWE superstar add the move, F5, to his arsenal. 

 Matt Morgan reveals he was told to use F5 as his finisher by Vince McMahon after Brock Lesnar left

Matt Morgan had a rather lackluster run in WWE. Morgan made his debut in 2002. Although Morgan was the archetypal large wrestler that Vince admired, his stuttering character made his run with the company insipid.

Speaking on Chris Van Vliet’s Insight podcast, former WWE superstar Matt Morgan revealed that Vince McMahon instructed him to use the F5 as his finisher following Brock Lesnar departing from WWE. 

According to Matt, Vince McMahon called him into his office and asked him if he’d like to use F5 as his finishing move. Although Morgan acquiesced, he had this feeling that it was a “shot” at Brock Lesnar. Nevertheless, Morgan executed the move successfully going forward. 

“I kind of thought that was a shot at Brock because he had just, you know, not too long ago quit their company to go and try out for the NFL. And I kind of thought that was maybe a dig at him because I was close with Brock at the time,” said Morgan. 

Matt Morgan recalls being the third person to have lifted the Big Show on his shoulders

Further, in the interview, Matt Morgan recalled his experiences with using the F5. Morgan also claimed that he was the third person after Brock Lesnar and John Cena to be able to lift Big Show on his shoulders. During a match with the 500-pounder giant, Matt Morgan was able to execute F5 successfully, though it wasn’t easy. 

“At the time, I’m pretty sure I was only the third person to lift Big Show on their shoulders, at least in a WWE ring. Cena did it and I know Brock did, I was the third.”

Matt Morgan was released from the company in 2005 and joined TNA as the Blueprint. It was in TNA that Matt Morgan finally received his well-deserved push as a main event talent. Today, Morgan serves as the City Commissioner in Longwood, Florida. Although his wrestling days are behind him, he still makes sporadic appearances at Impact Wrestling.

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