“I didn’t like it. The name ‘Styles’ “– AJ Styles reveals why he used to dislike his name before

Archie Blade
|Published 18/01/2021

AJ Styles reveals why he used to dislike his name before. The Phenomenal One however, has since grown to love the name.

In the world of pro wrestling, the name AJ Styles is associated with being phenomenal. The performer with the name though, disliked it when it was first handed to him. On the latest episode of WWE Untold, Styles, revealed that he wasn’t a fan of the name when he was starting out.

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Styles real name is Allen Neal Jones. It’s easy to gather where the AJ came from. The Styles in his name comes from the time he teamed up with a wrestler named Steel. This was done to give them a catchy tag team name. However, Styles wasn’t too pleased with it although he would eventually come to love it.

AJ Styles reveals why he used to dislike his name before

“‘AJ’ came from my football team. Everybody called me AJ. So that stuck. And I was tagging with a guy, one of my first matches, and his last name was Steel. So then… “Styles! Styles and Steel! That’ll work! That’s your name.” I didn’t like it,” Styles recalled.

“The name ‘Styles’? It just sounded so quirky to me. It didn’t sound cool at all. And it was just spelled S-T-Y-L-E-S. Why didn’t I spell it differently? Like, S-T-I-L-E-Z, or something like… Do something different. It was just so common! I’ve grown to love it. I have.”

Styles has kept his name across every promotion he has taken his talents to. He has climbed the top of the mountain everywhere he’s gone and with every achievement that name gets etched in more minds. To many, he is the best wrestler of this generation. It is good that he loves that name now because it has become part of many wrestling legends and tales.

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