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“I was not thankful that wasn’t particularly long” – Doudrop opens up on WWE booking short matches for WWE Queen’s Crown Tournament

Archie Blade

Doudrop opens up on WWE booking short matches for WWE Queen’s Crown Tournament

Doudrop opens up on WWE booking short matches for WWE Queen’s Crown Tournament. The promotion came under scanner for their booking.

The WWE recently conducted their first ever Queen’s Crown Tournament. The Women’s division’s version of the King of the Ring finally took place this year. However, the historic tournament was criticised for the time alloted to the matches.

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The final, which took place at Crown Jewel, lasted under six minutes and still managed to be the longest match of the entire tournament! Doudrop, the finalist, recently appeared on GiveMeSport WWE to discuss the tournament and gave her thoughts on the length of the matches.

Doudrop opens up on WWE booking short matches for WWE Queen’s Crown Tournament

The rising star admitted that the matches could have been longer. However, she did not mind not having to wrestle for too long in the Saudi heat.

“I think the tournament in general went really, really well considering it’s the first time it’s happened. I thought it went really spectacular. As far as time limits and stuff, I was not thankful that [the final match] wasn’t particularly long, but I was wrestling in 90 degree heat. I can only do that for a very limited amount of time, so there as a part of me that as like, ‘Okay, this is fine. I can manage this.’ If it went a bit longer, I don’t think there would have been much makeup or anything left of me because it was god d**n hot out there.”

She went on to add that the matches in the qualifiers were possibly short because the WWE did not want to go all out and were saving it for future feuds.

“The qualifiers and that, you know, maybe they could have been longer. But I like to think that they were just little tastes. Because a lot of these matches were matches that hadn’t happened before, so you don’t want to give everything away right now. Maybe we see where these go in the future, but for now, we’ve given them a little taste of what these match are right now so let’s see what we can do next time and make people want to see that match.”

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