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“What other explanation is there for this horses***” – Jon Moxley says Vince McMahon has lost his magic

Archie Blade

Jon Moxley says Vince McMahon has lost his magic

Jon Moxley says Vince McMahon has lost his magic. The WWE Chairman is credited with two of wrestling’s greatest period in history.

People have differing opinions on Vince McMahon but no one can discredit what he has achieved. With Wrestlemania, the WWE Chairman introduced the wrestling industry to the mainstream and the Attitude Era eclipsed that by actually becoming a part of the mainstream.

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In recent years however, fans have complained about the product. Many have called it unimaginative and stale. Former AEW Champion Jon Moxley seems to agree with it and believes it is due to Vince McMahon no longer being the creative genius he once was.

Jon Moxley says Vince McMahon has lost his magic

In his new book MOX, Moxley speculated that Vince was on his way to intentionally destroy the WWE before concluding that the WWE Chairman had simply lost his magic.

“Dude, remember that one promo where Vince brought back the nWo, and he’s all, like, ‘I’m gonna kill it! I’m gonna kill MY CREATION!’ See what I’m saying? It makes perfect sense. What other explanation is there for this horses*** we’re putting on TV? I wondered. I finally decided he’d just lost the plot and was so insulated in his own world, so disconnected from reality, he would never recover creatively. He’s lost his magic, I decided, that Walt Disney magic that only Vince has, and when he dies, it’ll be gone forever.”

Moxley then discussed Triple H and Shane McMahon as possible successors to Vince stating that neither of the two have what Vince had.

“Hunter [Triple H] was smart enough to hire half the indies and take Instagram selfies with them, but he ain’t got the magic. Shane would probably stick an M80 up his a** and light it if he thought that’s what fans wanted to see, but he ain’t got it either. Fortunately, though, when Vince is gone, that magic will live on in the hearts and minds of the fans forever.”

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Archie Blade

Archie Blade


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