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“I Whispered to Him…” – The Rock recalls the exact words he told Stone Cold Steve Austin at the end of their Wrestlemania trilogy

Yasser Ayaz

The Rock Stone Cold

During an Instagram Q&A, The Rock recalled the words he whispered to The Texas Rattlesnake Stone Cold after their Wrestlemania 19 match.

Dwayne Johnson a.k.a The Rock held a Q&A session on Instagram and remembered what he said to Stone Cold when both legends collided for the last time at Wrestlemania 19. 

Both the veterans have had one of the best in-ring rivalries in WWE history and have wrestled each other three times at Wrestlemania. Also, not to forget that both were in the main event at WrestleMania 15 and 17. Nevertheless, WrestleMania 19 marked the first retirement of The Texas rattleSnake from the WWE.

The Rock talks about his match against Stone Cold at Wrestlemania 19

The Rock and The Texas Rattlesnake faced each other for the last time in 2003 at WrestleMania 19. The Rock had never defeated Steve Austin at the grandest stage of all. It was Austin 3:16 who had the last laugh on him both times at Wrestlemania. But the trilogy between them finally came to an end where The People’s champ defeated The Texas Rattlesnake.

During a Q&A session on Instagram, Dwayne Johnson talked about his Wrestlemania match with the Texas rattlesnake. He recalled what he whispered to The Texas Rattlesnake:

“I whispered to him, ‘I Thank you so much for everything that you’ve done for me.’ And I said, ‘I love you.’ He said, ‘I love you too.’ I hit him on the chest, and I left him in the ring.”

The Rock defeated Austin after hitting him with three Rock Bottoms in front of 55,000 people. The moment was an emotional one for The Rock. So he leaned toward Austin and thanked him for everything. The Rock showed true sportsmanship by expressing what he felt at that moment.

Several WWE superstars were against The Rock facing Austin 3:16 at Wrestlemania 15.

The trilogy saga between the Brahma Bull and Steve Austin has witnessed both main eventing 3 WrestleMania (15, 17, and 19) together. Before their first face-off at WrestleMania 15, there were multiple WWE Superstars who did not want The Rock to headline with The Texas Rattlesnake.

But Stone Cold told the Rock not to care about the people. He asked him to get inside the ring and make money for the company. Although Stone Cold won that match, it was The Rock who won the hearts of the WWE fans. Stone Cold defeated The Rock again at Wrestlemania 17. The feud and trilogy came to full circle at WrestleMania 19 when The Great One emerged victorious over Austin.

An in-ring return for Stone Cold at Wrestlemania 38 after 19 years

The new owner of the Stunner has been mocking the Texas Rattlesnake on and off the ring for a decent time. Stone Cold finally answered the challenge by announcing his return at this year’s showcase of immortals.

The Texas rattlesnake appearing on the Kevin Owens Show at this year’s Wrestlemania. 

The two ended up having an impromptu match with Austin coming out on top for one last hurrah.

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