“If you are stiff to him, he’ll b*tch about you” – Former WWE Superstar accuses the Undertaker of getting wrestlers fired

Archie Blade
|Published December 27, 2021

Former WWE Superstar accuses the Undertaker of getting wrestlers fired. It appears that the Deadman was not a fan of working stiff.

The Undertaker is one of the most entertaining wrestlers to have ever stepped foot inside the squared circle. Starting off as an undead wizard, The Undertaker wrestled a lot different than he does today. Moving in the mold of a zombie, his moveset was not as agile and quick as it eventually became.

For someone, who had to appear to be stiff, it is ironic that the Undertaker, allegedly worked very light and did not like to be roughed and stiffed by someone else. While speaking to PTM’s Vinny Vegas, Sabu claimed that the WWE legend even got wrestlers fired for being too stiff.

Former WWE Superstar Sabu accuses the Undertaker of getting wrestlers fired

“I believe that it is okay to be rough and stiff and it’s something I respect. I do not like wrestlers that are too light. The Undertaker, he was so light you do not feel him. If you are stiff to him, he’ll b*tch about you and will get you fired. But if you’re stiff with me, I will not get you fired, I’ll tell you to ease up or keep it up. The top guys in WWe , if you are too stiff with them they will definitely get you fired.”

Unlike the Undertaker, Sabu fought the Hardcore wrestling style. In fact, he began his career under the tutelage of his uncle, The Sheik, who is credited as one of the founders of Hardcore wrestling. Sabu wrestled in several promotions including, ECW, WCW, NJPW, TNA and WWE before pulling the curtains on his career this year.

Despite his alleged soft style of wrestling, The Undertaker himself has taken a lot of beatings over the years and needed several surgeries throughout his career. He retired back in 2020 and is now enjoying a well deserved retirement as Mark Calaway.

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