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“I’m pretty sure I p*ssed off Vince” – Popular Celebrity thought WWE RAW was a house show, went off-script and ended up ticking off Vince McMahon

Yasser Ayaz

Ex WCW World Champion and actor David Arquette recently recalled the incident when went off-script during an episode of WWE RAW that p*ssed off Vince McMahon. 

David Arquette is an American actor and producer, is best known for his role as Dewey Riley in the slasher film franchise Scream. The former WCW has also won a Teen Choice Award and a couple of Blockbuster Entertainment Awards.

Actor David Arquette won the World Heavyweight Championship on WCW Nitro

David Arquette, a renowned actor, fashion designer, and producer, has wrestled despite having trim pro wrestling experience. despite having little prior pro wrestling experience. The movie star is known for winning the World Heavyweight Championship on WCW Nitro.

The actor again came to the promotion again in 2010, where he teamed with Alex Riley to face ‘The Apex Predator” Randy Orton in a handicap match.

Ex WCW World Champion and actor David Arquette recalls a incident where he went off-script on WWE Raw

In a recent interview with Chris van Vliet, the actor and director recalled his appearance on WWE RAW and said, 

“I hosted a RAW, they had like the general manager of RAW, and Scream 4 was coming out. I contacted Triple H and was like ‘This could be cool.’ I went out there, and I don’t know, I was in a bad place and going through the divorce.”

David Arquette explains the reason leading to that incident

Arquette further went on to explain the reason behind the incident. He said that he had lost his voice because of a night out in town. It was the reason he went off-script on RAW, which p*ssed of Mr McMahon.

“I went to a nightclub. It was in New Orleans and I ended up staying out all night. My voice had gone. I went out and tried to get heel heat, but I was off script and I’m pretty sure I p*ssed off Vince. I didn’t mean to as I have the utmost respect. But no one smartened me up to not do this. I was thinking it was like a house show, but it was RAW. It was a bad move.” 

Since then, the movie star came has witnessed a few WWE shows from ringside, including his appearance in an episode of FOX’s Backstage show.

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