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Watch: An Old Granny Once Tried to Fight WWE Legend Hulk Hogan on Live TV

Yasser Ayaz

Granny and Hulk Hogan

A hilarious video from the late 90s shows an old granny trying to fight two-time WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan.

Over the years, many fans have tried to heckle WWE superstars on live tv. Although most of them are funny to see, there are moments when fans cross the line. This mostly happens with a superstar who is portraying a heel gimmick onscreen.

A recent incident was when a fan attacked Seth Rollins while he was making his entry into the ring. In the late 90s, one such incident happened with WWE Legend Hulk Hogan during an episode of WCW Monday Nitro.

The Hulkster was a babyface during his initial run with WWE/WWF, but by the 90s, the gimmick wasn’t working for him. So, when he joined WCW, he turned heel and revived his career again.

By forming the legendary nWo and feuding with Sting, he became the biggest heel of the company. However, little did he know how seriously the fans might take his gimmick.

A Granny Once Challenged the WWE icon Hulk Hogan for Fight

Wrestling fans are passionate, but how much? It can be seen in a YouTube video posted by WWE earlier this year. The short clip shows that age doesn’t matter when it comes to pro wrestling fans.

In the video, an old granny, standing near the barricade, could be seen challenging Hulk Hogan to a fight. She appears to be a Sting fan as she was holding a Sting Mask. The old granny tries to mock Hogan but he throws away the mask. That’s when she loses control, and things get funnier.

The video shows a granny trying to get her hands on Hulk Hogan but was held back by someone from behind. Even The Hulkster was into the funny fight as he kept teasing her, and she kept throwing fake punches.

Was the whole segment real or was it scripted by WCW?

Eric Bischoff, the then-executive producer of WCW, talked about the funny segment last year in an interview. He revealed the whole thing was real and even applauded the old lady for her performance.

Bischoff stated that the fun part of being a heel is you can feel the heat and find out the most animated people and play with them. He claimed that he likes such moments, and so does Hulk Hogan.

Anyway, the whole segment is hilarious and should be perceived that way only. There’s a fine line between fun and danger, fans and superstars should always keep that in mind. No one should take the onscreen storylines too seriously so that the line gets blurred and anyone is hurt.

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