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“It’s like a magic trick”- WWE Universe Reacts To Ludwig Kaiser Skillfully Grabbing Gunther’s Trench Coat During Their Entrance

Rishabh Singh

Gunther Ludwig Kaiser entrance

Gunther has been on a roll ever since he found his place on the main roster of WWE. The 35-year-old star hasn’t lost a match since his debut on SmackDown. The leader of the Imperium surrounds himself with his assistants, Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vince. Gunther’s right-hand man, Ludwig Kaiser, is also very adept at grabbing the former’s trench coat. His skillful jacket grab is being heavily praised by the WWE Universe. 

The Ring General is the fastest-rising talent in WWE today. After surviving a very physical triple-threat match against Drew McIntyre and Sheamus at WrestleMania 39, Gunther’s reign as the Intercontinental Champion remains intact. The Austrian wrestler is also reportedly going to receive a major push to the main event scene very soon.

WWE fans react to Ludwig Kaiser’s skillful coat grab

Imperium exudes a sense of austere discipline and perfection. All the members of the faction belong to different nations. However, they’re all Europeans. Fans on Reddit couldn’t help but praise the faction for their impressive entrance. Especially Ludwig Kaiser’s nifty way of grabbing Gunther’s jacket. 

Impressed by their striking entrance, one fan stated that it looks like a “magic trick”.

Gunther ends Xavier Woods’ 600-day undefeated streak

Xavier Woods managed to maintain an impressive undefeated streak until he ran into Gunther on SmackDown last Friday. Xavier Woods’ last defeat was against AJ Styles in 2021.

In the latest edition of SmackDown, Woods challenged The Ring General for the IC Championship. After an intense battle, Gunther emerged victorious, handing Xavier his first defeat in almost two years.

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