“I’ve said some sh*t, you’ve said some sh*t” – WWE Hall of Famer reveals he had heat with Ric Flair

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|Published 10/02/2021

WWE Hall of Famer reveals he had heat with Ric Flair. He also detailed how the two eventually buried the hatchet and moved on.

Ric Flair is one of the biggest name in professional wrestling. A proper legend of the industry. Flair is not only revered by the current generation of wrestlers but his peers as well. Not everyone however always got along with the Nature Boy.

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WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page recently revealed that he and Ric Flair had legitimate heat with each other. Despite working together in both the WCW and WWE in the 90’s and the early 2000’s, the two were not on the best of terms backstage,

WWE Hall of Famer DDP reveals he had heat with Ric Flair

During Ric Flair’s WWE retirement celebration, DDP decided he wanted to resolve the issues they both had. So he walked up to the Nature Boy and had a heartfelt one on one with him.

We walk off to the side and I say, ‘You know, Naitch, I know over the years that me and you have had a little heat together’. He’s like, ‘Oh, Diamond, don’t worry about that.’ I’m like, ‘Naitch, I’m not worried about it. Bro, I wanna fix it.’ DDP told Chris Jericho on his Talk Is Jericho podcast.

“I said, ‘I don’t know what happened, I know that I’ve said some s***, you’ve said some s***.’ I go, ‘The last thing I wanna do is be in this spot.’ I said. ‘I love The Nature Boy, man, and I would love to just start all over again.’”

Paige recalled offering a handshake but was instead met with a hug before Flair kissed him and said “God bless you.”

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