WWE News: Mick Foley introduces new WWE 24/7 title

Archungshang Thouman
|Published 21/05/2019

WWE News: Mick Foley introduces new WWE 24/7 title on tonight’s episode of Raw.

The WWE had earlier announced on it’s website of Mick Foley’s appearance tonight. The Hardcore legend came out on tonight’s episode of Raw to announce the introduction of a new title to the WWE Universe. The Green shiny belt was taken off the bag as Foley dubbed it “The 24/7 title”. Foley explained that the belt would be defended anywhere; as long as there was a referee to make the three count.

The new title was made open to all of the divisions in the WWE i.e. Raw, SmackDown, 205 live, NXT, NXT UK and even to returning WWE legends if they wanted to. The belt was placed in the middle of the ring. Wrestlers scrambled down to grab the title and become the inaugural, 24/7 champion.

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Cedric Alexander and EC3 squared up for the title. They were cleaned out by the Good Brothers who then bickered among themselves. All wrestlers in the ring eventually dropped out of the ring; only for 205 live general manager, Drake Maverick, to take the opportunity to crown himself the champion. However, he was interrupted by Titus O’Neil who threw the diminutive manager atop all the others outside and grabbed the new championship for himself: In the process becoming the first ever 24/7 champion. That joy didn’t last long though as Robert Roode rolled up the new champion immediately and became the brand new 24/7 champion.

This new title is similar to the now defunct Hardcore Championship. The title had similar rules to the new 24/7 rules and was played out under hardcore rules. Mick Foley was given the title making him the first ever Hardcore Champion. It was only fitting then, that the new title was introduced by Foley himself.

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