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“So he’s like ‘That’s where your character is. That’s where your heat is.” – Sami Zayn details the career-changing guidance he got from Vince McMahon

Yasser Ayaz

Ex-WWE Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn spoke about WWE Owner Vince McMahon and revealed the advice he once got from him.

Vince McMahon certainly knows how to bring the best out of his WWE Superstars in the ring and on the microphone as well. WWE Star Sami Zayn recently conversed about Vince McMahon and the advice he got from his boss.

Zayn once also expressed his gratitude for being trusted by WWE and putting him in storylines with celebrities.

Sami Zayn talks about Vince McMahon and the advice that changed his career

Recently, Zayn was a guest on Out of Character with Ryan Satin where he discussed a wide variety of subjects like performing in the ThunderDome, enhancing his social media presence, and facing Jonny Knoxville at WrestleMania 38.

While conversing with the host Ryan Satin, the Former WWE Intercontinental Champion disclosed the advice that Mr. McMahon once gave him to enhance his WWE promo skills. Zayn stated:

“Another thing Vince said in that same talk he was like, ‘You’re yelling at me and when you yell at me I just check out,’ which I get. He used Baron Corbin or someone as an example and he was like. ‘Look at Baron Corbin. He used to be tough and talked like whatever but that’s not what took him to the next level. It was being happy and laughing that’s just so obnoxious that you just want to punch him in the face.”

Zayn also gave his opinion on how he feels his boss might view him.

‘The Great Liberator’ Sami Zayn also expressed how he believes McMahon “sees” him as obnoxious. He further went on to state that’s where Vince McMahon thinks Zayn can draw his heat from in the first place.

“I think he genuinely sees me as an obnoxious human being already, really I think he does. So he’s like, ‘That’s where your character is. That’s where your heat is.” Sami Zayn continued.

An Entertainer that Sami Zayn and Johnny Knoxville delivered on Wrestlemania 38

Sami Zayn had one of the standout feuds with Jackass star Johnny Knoxville on the road to WrestleMania 38. Their ‘Anything Goes Match’ during night two of WrestleMania 38 gained a lot of mainstream media attention and a huge appreciation from the wrestling fans as well.

Delivering more than what was expected, Knoxville and Zayn put on a delightful show featuring tasers, air horns, bowling balls, and giant rat traps. In the end, the Sami Zayn was placed on a giant rat trap allowing Knoxville to pin him. Here’s a glimpse of the Wrestlemania match between Sami Zayn and the Jackass star.

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