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“There is way bigger things going on”- Edge talks Wrestlemania 36 taking place without an audience

Archie Blade

Edge talks Wrestlemania 36 taking place without an audience

Edge talks Wrestlemania 36 taking place without an audience. The show of shows emanated from the WWE PC with no fans in attendance.

The WWE always like to talk about the number of fans that flock the stadiums to watch Wrestlemania. Last year however, the Grandest stage of all seemed rather paltry and unimposing. There were no fans in sight and all the matches took place in the WWE Performance Center.

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Edge, who was competing in his first ever Wrestlemania since returning from his career ending injury had to fight without an audience. While speaking on the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast, the Rated-R Superstar admitted that he would have been dissapointed had he made his return without there being fans to cheer him on. He also added that as much as he would have like for there to be fans at Wrestlemania there were “way bigger things going on” at the time.

Edge talks Wrestlemania 36 taking place without an audience

“The way I look at it, and the way I had to look at it, is I had the Rumble. So I got that reaction. Now, if that had happened without an audience, that would have… man, that would have been a bummer. I’m not going to lie. That would have been hard to chew. But because of that, I realized, “Hey, me jumping around in tights isn’t seen by the audiences I would have liked.” There is way bigger things going on.”

Edge also said that he felt bad for the likes of Drew McIntyre and Rhea Ripley for participating in the biggest matches of their careers without fans in attendence.

“If I look at it from (the standpoint of) the roster, I feel more for a guy like Drew McIntyre, who finally gets to the pinnacle of this thing that he works so hard to get to, and there’s nobody there for it. So I feel more for a guy like that because I’ve had plenty of those moments, you know. And I can focus on the positives. But those were the guys and girls who I felt for. Rhea Ripley, who’s in her first WrestleMania and she’s wrestling Charlotte and there’s nobody there… They’ve got loads more in front of them, which is amazing, but that had to have been tough.”

Unlike last time, there will be an audience this time. Drew and Rhea are both scheduled to take part in title matches this year. Drew will face Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship while Rhea will take on Asuka for the RAW Women’s Championship.

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Archie Blade

Archie Blade


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