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“We got to hang out for about a weekend and talk” – Madcap Moss opens up on his first encounter with Goldberg

Yasser Ayaz
|Thu Jul 14 2022

SmackDown Star Madcap Moss recently shared the time he spent with his childhood hero and WWE Legend, Goldberg.

Madcap may not have won any championships in WWE, but he has feuded with top stars like Drew McIntyre, Jeff Hardy, and Happy Corbin. So far, the SmackDown star has had a decent run with the company. His career highlight so far is his André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal win earlier this year. With the kind of booking he is getting currently, WWE surely has big plans for him. However, the 33-year-old superstar has looked up to the WWE legend Goldberg during his childhood days.

Recently, Madcap Moss appeared on The Power Trip After Party Podcast and stated he looked up to Goldberg while growing up. He also opened up about his first meeting with his childhood idol, Goldberg.

Madcap Moss shares his first-ever interaction with his childhood idol, Goldberg

Although Madcap has never shared the ring with his childhood hero, he did get a chance to spend a weekend earlier this year. At the Elimination Chamber PPV, both superstars were on the match card. While Goldberg was challenging Roman Reigns for the Universal championship, Madcap fought the Scottish Warrior, Drew McIntyre.

While speaking on the show, the SmackDown star expressed his adoration for Goldberg since a young age and hailed him for the intensity he brought into the ring. Also, Madcap recalled his interaction with Goldberg at this year’s Elimination Chamber. He claimed he met his childhood hero for the first time. 

According to André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal winner, Goldberg also gave him some valuable advice that he will try to follow throughout his career. He said:

“He was so physically imposing and impressive… That’s just how he was, man… full intensity all the time for him and it just drew me to him, and I just love him. At an event in WWE Elimination Chamber, we were both on the show. I had a match against Drew McIntyre. He had a match against Roman Reigns… We got to hang out for about a weekend and talk, and he kind of passed on some knowledge to me and definitely some stuff that I try to emulate in my performance today.”


The former Universal champion wrestled his last match in WWE against Roman Reigns

Goldberg has been one of the toughest superstars in the ring throughout his career. However, the 56-year-old pro wrestling veteran now works as a part-timer and features in limited matches. But, whenever he fights in WWE, it is mostly for a major championship. 

So, when he wrestled his last match in WWE, it was for the crown of Blue Brand. Goldberg challenged Roman Reigns at this year’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view for the WWE Universal Championship. But, The Tribal Chief proved to be too strong for Goldberg as he failed to seal a victory in the last match of his contract with WWE.

Anyway, this isn’t the last of Goldberg in WWE as he is open for a comeback if required. Well, if he returns, Madcap will get one more opportunity to be with his idol. Who knows, this time WWE might book him against the one he has idolized since childhood.

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