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WWE Backstage Environment Reportedly “Uneasy” As Many Fear Losing Their Job

Yasser Ayaz

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Triple H taking over Vince McMahon’s duties last year was viewed as a positive sign by many WWE fans and pundits. Believe it or not, stars and people backstage executed their duties perfectly under the new regime. Be it shows, PPVs, or revenue, things were going fine until the ex-CEO announced his arrival earlier this year. In fact, his intention to sell WWE ended up turning the backstage environment a bit chaotic. Recently, a report has revealed how exactly things are behind the scenes right now within WWE.

PWInsider shared the latest insights about the WWE backstage environment. It discussed how people behind the scenes are seeing Vince’s return and the company potentially getting sold.

Backstage environment has “reverted” as employees feel they might lose their jobs if WWE is sold

According to PWInsider, the backstage environment in WWE, in recent weeks, has been uneasy and uncertain. People working behind the scenes and in the Stamford office are feeling like “walking on eggshells”. This is exactly how they felt when Vince McMahon was in charge.

The prime reason for the feeling is Vince’s return and his plans to sell the company. Although the current morale is better than the previous regime, things are certainly not like they were. In fact, the energy “has been waning” in recent weeks. Employees fear they might lose their jobs once the company is sold.

In the report, PWInsider also shed light on the recent front-office departures from WWE. It was noted that the people who left had a feeling of uncertainty and “a target on their backs”. 

Talking about the sale, the sale claims Vince McMahon is planning to sell WWE by the end of 2022. However, according to WWE CEO Nick Khan, the whole process should not take more than three months. As to the asking price, there are reports that the WWE owner is asking for $9 billion.

WWE has started to mention its former CEO in the advertisements for this year’s Showcase of Immortals

When Vince McMahon left last year, WWE tried to keep his name out from anywhere possible. It seemed as if he was in no way connected to the company. Now that he is back, as many pundits predicted, it’s just a matter of time before Mr. McMahon will be everywhere.

In fact, WWE recently mentioned him in the advertisements for WrestleMania 39. At the bottom of Roman Reigns’ poster for this showcase of immortals, it says, “Directed by Vince McMahon.”

After forcing his way back to the WWE Board, the 77-year-old is slowly marching towards the day-to-day operations. Well, it appears that the WWE owner isn’t bothered by the uneasy backstage environment. He is back and will do what he wishes to do, no matter what.

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