WWE Star Jeff Hardy reveals which Premier Club he supports and who was the signing of the summer

Archie Blade
|Published 12/02/2021

Former WWE Champion and Star Jeff Hardy reveals which Premier Club he supports and who he believes was the signing of the summer.

In recent months, football clubs in England have been blasting WWE entrance themes during their games. It seems it is now the WWE’s turn to continue the connection with the Premier League. WWE Champion Drew McIntyre recently posted a picture of himself and other WWE Superstars in jerseys of the top 10 clubs in the Premier league asking who deserves to win the league.

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McIntyre being a soccer fan is hardly a surprise. The Scottish psychopath is a fan of Glasgow Rangers, who compete in the Scottish Premier League. What is surprising however, is Jeff Hardy’s confession that he indeed watches the sport and even commented on who he thinks was the best signing last summer.

WWE Star Jeff Hardy reveals which Premier Club he supports and who was the signing of the summer

The picture posted by McIntyre saw Jeff Hardy wearing an Everton shirt. The Charismatic Enigma has revealed that he does in fact support the Toffees and believes that James Rodriguez was the signing of the Summer in the Premier League.

Hardy isn’t the only wrestler supporting a club in the Premier League outside the Big 6. Triple H is famously a West Ham fan. That however, has probably more to do with his gimmick of using Hammers.

Surprisingly, The Undertaker seems to support Leicester City.

The Charismatic Enigma is also not the only WWE star to support Everton. Both Drake Maverick and Daniel Bryan have previously confessed their love for the team from Merseyside.

This year’s Premier League has been much more open than it was last year. However, at this stage, it seems that Manchester City will lay hands on their 3th Premier League title in four years. They currently have a 5 point lead on Manchester United with a game in hand.

There are still 16 more games to play though and the table could very well change in the coming weeks and months.

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