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Has Vince McMahon Sold WWE to Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund?

Yasser Ayaz

Vince McMahon creative involvement

The start of 2023 saw Vince McMahon’s storm hitting WWE and within 10 days, it totally changed the company’s landscape. The 77-year-old not only is back on the Board, but he has also regained the position of Executive Chairman. Yesterday, WWE’s Co-CEO Stephanie McMahon announced that she is stepping down from her role. In fact, reports are coming that WWE has been sold to Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF).

Last week, when Mr. McMahon returned, there were reports that he might potentially sell his company. After that, names like Disney, Amazon, Netflix, and more were reported to be potential buyers. Well, according to DAZN pro wrestling reporter Steven Muehlhausen, WWE indeed has been sold to PIF.

Vince McMahon reportedly has sold the WWE company to Saudi Arabia’s PIF

When Vince McMahon announced his retirement last year on 22 July, many believed he won’t go down easily. In fact, many experts claimed his comeback is inevitable. What everyone feared has come true as the company reportedly will go to new hands.

Recently, Steven Muehlhausen made a Twitter post that has shaken the whole pro wrestling world. In his Tweet, Steven claimed through his sources that WWE has been sold to PIF. Not just that, with Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund becoming the new owner, the company will go back to being private.

However, Steven wasn’t sure if Mr. McMahon will return as the creative head of the company. Though he added that few people expect that too will happen soon. He wrote:

If what Steven Muehlhausen has reported is true, this will be the biggest pro wrestling news of the last few decades. As far as fans are concerned, the news of WWE being sold to PIF hasn’t gone well.

Fans express their anger on social media and are skeptical about the future of many WWE superstars

WWE fans seemed to be heartbroken after hearing that Vince McMahon has sold WWE to PIF. While the negative response is unanimous, many believe the future of many stars is in danger.

A fan reacted to Steven’s tweet and stated that MVP, Sami Zayn, and Kevin Owens might walk out immediately. He also feels many more will follow.

Another fan expressed his concern about the Women’s Division of WWE.

Memers also joined the thread and creatively expressed their feelings.

Nevertheless, as of now, WWE has neither confirmed nor denied that the company has been sold to PIF. Though the silence itself explains something is going on right now. Well, if it indeed is true, all will be in the open in a matter of days, probably weeks.

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