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5 Possible Opponents For The Undertaker At WM 33 !

Soumyadeep Paul

In the field of sports and entertainment, there are performers and then, there are icons. Some mere mortals who achieve immortality through their brilliant work ethic and amazing achievements. (5 Possible Opponents For The Undertaker At WM 33)

Mark Callaway is one such individual who through his contribution has raised the bar in WWE for upcoming talents. Ever since his debut at the 1990 Survivor Series, Undertaker has been leaving behind an indelible mark on the sports entertainment business.

This legacy grows even bigger at the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania. The greatest superstar of all time at the greatest show in WWE. It just can’t get bigger than this! Add to it, the amazing record that Undertaker boasts of in this event (23-1) makes one question – “ Who is the next one to Rest In Peace”. We, at the Sportsrush take a look at the 5 possible opponents for the Undertaker at WM33.

1) John Cena

One of the topmost competitors that one can think of is ‘the face that runs the place’ John Cena. The Undertaker is 51 years old and sooner or later, we’ll see him bow out. What better stage to do that than the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania. Moreover, he can do that to a worthy opponent, someone who has cemented his own legacy over the past 15 years – John Cena.

Also, the fact that we haven’t seen a Wrestlemania match between these two legends would add to the excitement among the WWE Universe. A good storyline could be Cena ending Undertaker’s career and then finally turning into a villainous role which the WWE Universe has wanted him to portray for a very long time now.


2) A J Styles

This is a match that would have been present in every list of What-If matches. A J Styles was, until very recently one of the best wrestlers that WWE never had. He had travelled the world and won every title possible, most notably being the IWGP,TNA and the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. (5 Possible Opponents For The Undertaker At WM 33)

Finally, WWE pulled off a masterstroke by drafting in AJ as the 3rd entrant of this year’s Royal Rumble. Though many suspected that he would end up like most marquee signings do in WWE, he has been given the mantle and the WWE World Championship within 8 months of his debut. The cocky persona of AJ would be an ideal foil to the aura of Undertaker at Wrestlemania 33. This ‘Phenom vs Phenomenal‘ match will definitely be one for the ages.


3) Goldberg

Rumours have it that Goldberg is soon making an explosive return to WWE programming. These were strengthened after Goldberg was launched as a playable character in the WWE 2K17 game. This definitely builds an excitement for a return as Sting and the Ultimate Warrior (non-ring appearance) previously have set similar precedents. (5 Possible Opponents For The Undertaker At WM 33)

If this indeed is true, what bigger a stage than Wrestlemania to have an epic showdown on the night of April 2 in Orlando, Florida. The stakes can be build higher with a career vs career match stipulation. This is why it makes Goldberg one of the 5 possible opponents for the Undertaker at WM33


4) Roman Reigns

The new poster boy of WWE, Roman Reigns has faced severe resistance among the grown-up men of the WWE Universe. They believe that he is not ready to be at the top and is being forced down the fans’ throats.

The best remedy to this predicament is to turn him a heel (villain). And the best hero you can place him against is the phenom ‘The Undertaker’. When it comes to looking at the future, Undertaker may push Reigns by passing on the baton in this iconic battle.

Else, he could just add Reigns to his list of victims. This is why it makes Roman Reigns a possible opponent for the Undertaker at WM 33. (5 Possible Opponents For The Undertaker At WM 33)


5) Brock Lesnar

While this option might appear a little far-fetched, there is a good possibility of the same happening.  Brock Lesnar was the one who brought a screeching halt to Undertaker’s superlative streak in 2014. Following that, The Deadman and the Beast were involved in a bitter feud over the constant portrayal of the end of the streak by Paul Heyman.

While the matters between the two may appear to be settled at their last battle at Hell in a Cell last year, no one can rule out an encore. This time a final one for the Deadman. This match could well be the main event and help the Deadman bow out on a high.


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Soumyadeep Paul


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