5 things to look forward to in Survivor Series

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Survivor Series will be telecasted shortly on the WWE Network in what appears to be a grand event. This will be the 30th edition of the fourth most anticipated PPV of the wrestling calendar after Wrestlemania, Royal Rumble and Summer Slam. The Sportsrush reviews 5 things to look forward to in Survivor Series 2016.

5 things to look forward to in Survivor Series

1. A possible title swap between brands?

Currently, the newly incorporated Cruiserweight Championship was embedded in Smackdown programming. The prestigious Intercontinential Championship is a part of Monday Night Raw. There has been rumors of a possible swap between the two. Will it happen at Survivor Series?

The Miz who is currently the Intercontinental Champion is slated to have a long feud with Sami Zayn as the champion. If thats the case, then he needs to be traded to Raw once he drops the title tomorrow. Consequently, the cruiserweight championship moves to Raw around the waist of Kalisto who is challenging The Brian Kendrick for the title.

These intricacies surround the Survivor Series PPV tomorrow. This is certainly one of the 5 things to look forward to in Survivor Series.

2. Zayn to win title in his home country?

Sami Zayn has been carrying the underdog persona ever since his debut. After indulging in an epic feud with Kevin Owens, he has now stagnated in the mid-card. However, he has the opportunity tomorrow at the Intercontinental Championship when he squares off against The Miz.

5 things to look forward to in Survivor Series

Several underdogs in WWE history have generated the best fan reactions of all time. Daniel Bryan, Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio being a few of them. What better reaction can the WWE garner than giving Zayn the title in his home country of Canada. This could also spark off a feud with Miz later on once he is traded to Raw.

3. A possible interference by The Deadman

Recently in the 900th episode of Smackdown Live, the Deadman returned and made some ominous comments. “I am back to burying souls and digging souls. Wrestlemania will no longer define me”. Does this mean a more frequent appearance to television for the Undertaker? This is an intriguing question for many fans in the WWE Universe.

There also have been rumours of a Goldberg vs Undertaker match at this year’s Wrestlemania at Orlando, Florida. So, will the seeds for this match be planted at the Survivor Series showdown between the Myth and the Beast? We only have to wait a few more hours to find out.

the-undertakerThe Deadman also issued a warning to team Smackdown to make Team Raw ‘Rest in Peace’. So, could he make an appearance in this regard and pick up a feud with one of the participants for Royal Rumble? Again, time will tell.

4. Best friends to split?

This is something which is inevitable. The Canadian bromance between Universal Champion Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho has been a huge superhit among the fans. Especially, Y2J has been striking gold in this persona with ‘The List of Jericho’ and other mannerisms. He is totally cheered by the fans even though he is a villain.


There are reports of Jericho soon leaving the WWE to go touring with Fozzy, his band. Prior to that, he would be given the task of putting Kevin Owens over and making him a even legitimate title contender. The seeds of this feud have to be planted somewhere and what better stage than the turmoil generated in the Survivor Series match.

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Split or not, the intrigue surrounding the pair makes this one of the 5 things to look forward to in Survivor Series. This could also be the reason which gives team Smackdown the victory and makes Shane the winner in the battle of the McMahon siblings.

5. A mini-shield reunion?

This is another one of the 5 things to look forward to in Survivor Series. Seth Rollins has successfully transformed from a cocky villain to a hugely popular babyface. There have been evident tensions between him and ‘The Big Dog” Roman Reigns but they will be on the same page.


On the other hand, representing Smackdown Live, Dean Ambrose will be looking to win the bragging rights for the blue brand. Even though this seems far-fetched, the three could team up for a short while and give the signature Shield slam to a superstar. This would most probably be AJ Styles who has a beef with all the 3 Shield brothers.

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