“I knew there was going to be some really cool things” – Former Bullet Club leader knew the faction would thrive under Kenny Omega

Archungshang Thouman
|Published 30/06/2021

Former Bullet Club leader knew the faction would thrive under Kenny Omega after he left to pursue a career in WWE back in 2016.

The Bullet Club was at one point considered the hottest act in pro-wrestling. The faction had taken the world by storm. Initially led by Finn Balor, Karl Anderson took over the Bullet Club following his departure to the WWE and with AJ Styles joining them, they eventually conquered New Japan Pro Wrestling.

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AJ was soon seen as the leader of the group as they continued to rule the Japanese promotion. However, like Balor both Anderson and Styles left for the WWE too in 2016. Luke Gallows joined them too leaving a massive hole in the faction. However, Anderson was sure that the Bullet Club would continue to be successful.

Former Bullet Club leader Karl Anderson knew the faction would thrive under Kenny Omega

During a recent interview with NJPW, Anderson discussed his time with the promotion. He praised Kenny Omega and revealed that he had faith that with him at the helm, the Bullet Club was in good hands.

“Some good, good, good Bullet Club times man, it’s insane and you know when we left too, I knew they would be fine because I watched Kenny Omega. I knew he was gonna end up taking over and be the number one guy there.

“I knew Tama and Fale were gonna be fine, of course. But I watched Kenny Omega have some of the most insane matches with the most insane crowd reactions I’ve ever witnessed in person and that was when he was just the junior champion. So I knew there was going to be some really cool things that were going to be coming.”

Omega betrayed Styles on his way out and took over as the leader of the faction. This was the first step in his rise to the top of the mountain. Omega went on to become the innaugral IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship before ending Kazuchika Okada’s record 720 day as IWGP Heavyweight Champion.

Like his predecessors, Omega also left NJPW. Instead of moving to the WWE however, he contributed to the creation of AEW, a promotion where he is currently the world champion.

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