Cover Image for “I wanna see somebody break Matt’s leg and Nick’s leg”- WWE legend expects to see AEW tag team get brutalized for sympathy from the fans

“I wanna see somebody break Matt’s leg and Nick’s leg”- WWE legend expects to see AEW tag team get brutalized for sympathy from the fans

Rishabh Singh
|Wed Aug 17 2022

Former WWE superstar Bully Ray offers his thoughts on the change in the angle involving the Young Bucks. Bully Ray wants to see them take a severe beating to elicit sympathy from the fans. 

On a recent episode of AEW Dynamite, the fans finally witnessed what they were clamoring for. When the Young Bucks were betrayed by their partners from the Undisputed Elite, Hangman Page came to Matt and Nick Jackson’s aid. After successfully warding off Adam Cole and reDRagon, Page helped his former buddy Matt up back on his feet. 

The Young Bucks found themselves on the receiving end of a beatdown until Page arrived and this made the fans in attendance emotional. Does this mean the Young Bucks have turned babyface? It sure does look like it, especially after Page emphatically made a beeline for the ring and defended the Young Bucks. On a recent edition of  The Busted Open podcast, former WWE superstar Bubba Ray Dudley aka Bully Ray stated that he wants to see the Young Bucks beat up if they turn babyface. According to Bubba, The YB was easy to root for as babyfaces. 


“It’s pretty damn easy to get sympathy on the Bucks but the Bucks… people just expect the Bucks to perform, perform, perform, high spot, high spot, high spot, move, move, move. Let’s get some sympathy on them [Young Bucks], let’s get some real sympathy on them. The kid crying last night was awesome but I’d like to see that across the board. I’d like to see more sympathy, more jeopardy put on the Bucks,” Bully Ray said.


Bully expects the Bucks to garner more sympathy from the fans. It remains to be determined if the team will drop their heel character, but it is highly likely that they will. Bully Ray further explained how viciously he wishes to see the tag team Young Bucks get destroyed at the hands of Adam Cole and the team. 


“I wanna see somebody break Matt’s leg and Nick’s leg. I want the Young Bucks on crutches for three months, I want the superkicks taken away. I want real sympathy put on these guys,” Bully Ray continued. “I want them beat down bad, I want them beat down in a way which we’ve never seen. I want them in a situation that we’re not used to seeing from the Bucks.”


While it’s not yet confirmed that the Bucks will turn faces again, the fateful betrayal will surely ignite a rivalry between the Bucks and Cole and reDRagon. 


Bully Ray appreciates the angle involving The Young Bucks

The year 2020 was the last time when the Bucks were full-blown faces. The new twist in the storyline is bound to get the fans more interested in the tag team division of AEW. Later during the interview, Bully Ray recognized how well the entire angle was strategized and commended the entire program. 


Ray appreciated the return of Cole and the unexpected help Page offered to his distanced teammates.

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