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Among Us Player Count: Rising Numbers & the Secret new driving force behind them.

Arnab Mukherjee

Among Us Player Count: Rising Numbers & the Secret new driving force behind them.

Among Us Player Count: With a total of 1.5 million concurrent players, Among Us is scaling heights nobody could have ever thought possible.

Many big games released this year. Fallout Guys, Valorant, the list goes on. However, the game that made it to the top on Twitch isn’t even from 2020! So, what are these crazy numbers Among Us keeps notching up? Also, what is it that makes Among Us, a game from yesterday, so famous right now?

The Chart results: The Among Us Player Count at present.

Among Us is an Indie murder mystery game by Inner Sloth Studios that aired in 2018. However, at the time, it was nothing you’d call a hit. Back then, though the game got good reviews, it was buried under a sky of Fortnite that had covered the world.

Today, the game has a record 300,000 concurrent players on Steam every day. It also has a total of 400,000 concurrent viewers on Twitch. All of this seems even weirder when you think of the fact that 4 months ago, this game wasn’t even a “thing” on the Internet at all. Even a month ago, Fallout Guys was all the rage. The game was set to top the charts worldwide. However, today, it stands 8th on the list that Among Us tops. The game’s rise has been so epic that its no. of Twitch streamers doubled from 500 to 1000 within the last week!

The game structure: How has it affected the Among Us Player Count?

When we start to look into the reasons behind this, the format of the game is of course an obvious answer. Suspense has always attracted human beings since we existed. In fact, that’s why Sherlock Holmes and James Bond are evergreen hits with their murder mysteries. Among Us’s format fits into this trend perfectly.

Moreover, it is not just a game you enjoy playing, it is also one you’ll enjoy watching. This makes it a perfect fit for Twitch. When your fav. streamers scream, shout, gasp and argue on live streams, the drama is worth a watch.

Also, the fact that it is free-to-play for mobile is a huge bonus. This way, avg. consumers don’t need to think twice before flushing out the bucks for its paid PC version on Steam.

However, the biggest and most important reason behind the Among Us phenomenon has nothing to do with the game at all.

The Primary Power.

It is all fine and dandy making a great game and expecting it to perform. Also, no doubt that Among Us is built on a wonderful concept. However, both you and I know, that that’s not what sells games these days. Otherwise, so many nice games worth a shot would not have gone down the drain.

The main reason has to do with a new force in the gaming industry, streamers on the Internet. The rising trend of Among Us has to do with something you can call “fanbase migration”. We love watching our fav. streamers. So, if they play a game, we’re likely to try it too. Therefore, when all of your fav. Fortnite, LOL and Overwatch streamers play an unknown game, they expose it to the same huge audience that watches those record hits. This is what made Among Us crazy popular.

When Ninja plays the game, Fortnite fans, who are infinite in number, play it too. When xQc plays it, Overwatch fans try it as well. And finally, when Sergio Aguero gives it a shot, the whole football world wonders what it is.

Among Us is just a start. As content creation, which is on a rapid rise, gathers larger audiences, streamers will keep growing stronger, i.e., more influential. Whichever game they play, their huge audience will too. Gaming Industries need to soon start cuddling them because it has to become one of the best new methods of marketing!

This is our biggest takeaway from Among Us. Well, that and the fact that when you kill someone, half their spine snaps off, while the rest remains standing.

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