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Among Us Characters 2023: What different roles can be played now?

Aaryanshi Mohan

Among Us Characters 2023

Among Us rose to limelight around 2020 when the world was under lockdown. Streamers all across the world picked up the game as a way to stay in touch with each other and enjoy a fun game. In 2023, Among Us has improved and the roles in the game have also increased. What are the new Among Us characters and roles added in 2023?

The developers of the game, Innersloth suggests that the game is based on the idea that crewmates of the game have to work together to find out the imposter before he finishes them all.

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What are the different Among Us characters in 2023?

Besides the normal crewmate and imposter, Innersloth has added a few more roles in the game to make it more engaging. While the game has limited possibilities, newer strategies can be developed. Here is the list of all playable roles in 2023:


This is one of the most generic roles in the game. The players who get this don’t have any special powers. They just have to finish their missions and help figure out who the imposter is.

While the crewmate is in the game, and they figure out who the imposter is, they will have the access to the emergency button. They can give their argument and help kick the imposter out of the game.


Engineer is one of the latest additions to the game. The engineer’s role involves venting to travel, and completing the missions. If the engineer is in the vent, and an imposter tries to enter the vent, they will not be able. This will help them see which character is dancing on top of the vent to get it.

The engineer can then call for an emergency once the imposter has gone from there. Crewmates should be cautioned about the fact that imposters can claim that they’re the engineers. Hence, keeping in mind that engineers have a vent cool down is important.


Imposter is one of the most fun roles in the game. Crewmates have to figure out who the imposter is, while the imposter can fake mission, and has to eliminate a certain number of crewmates to win the round. The imposter gameplay is of 100 percent deception and crewmates have to figure it out.


One of the coolest additions to the game is teh shapeshifter. As the name suggests, this “imposter” has the ability to transform itself into one of the crewmates. The shapeshifter can hold the shape of the other players in a the game for a certain while, after which, they return to their original form.

After shifting their shape once, the player has to wait for the cool down period, and then only can they shift shape again. This one of the mosy interesting additons to the game, and the blames shift quickly.

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