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Among Us Jester Mod : Everything you need to know about the new Among us mod

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Among Us Jester Mod : Everything you need to know about the new Among us mod

A new Among Us mod is here called the Jester mod. Here is everything you need to know about the new mod in Among Us.

Among Us is most definitely one of the top games of the past year. Streamers, YouTubers and thousands of players are still playing the games. Although the game is ideally supposed to be played in the Imposter vs Crewmate way, people have come up with many new ways.

Hide and seek, third imposter and then using different mods players are changing the way the game is played. Proximity chat mod and Sheriff mods were the ones most popular. Now there is a new mod called the Jester mod and it sure is a lot of fun.

The Jester mod in Among Us explained –

The objective of the jester is to make everyone believe that they are the imposter. This gives more protection to the imposters but if the Jester is successfully voted out then they win the game. The Imposters have a reason to shift the conversation away from Jester. On the other hand Crewmates must be more careful with who they choose to vote out.

This changes the entire dynamic of the game as crewmates and imposters both have to wary of the third character. The mod was unveiled by Sockfor1, a YouTuber. Sockfor1 is also behind the mod that allowed the 100 player game of Among Us.

How to download and play the mod –

Players should note that it is usually only possible to play modded versons on private servers. As of now the mod is not properly released for the public. However there are many files online but they cannot be deemed as safe to download install just yet.  The best way to do that is to join Sockfor1’s SockDrawer Discord until you can access a download.

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