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Angel Di Maria speaks against critics of Ligue 1 compares it with Liverpool’s dominance in Premier League

Tanish Chachra

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Angel Di Maria speaks against people calling Ligue 1 as one-horse race, cites Liverpool’s dominance as an example to validate his point.

Ligue 1 has been massively dominated by PSG ever since the Qatari oil money came into to revolutionize the club to make it one of the powerhouses in Europe.

Its rise has deprived other French clubs of the Ligue 1 glory, as in the 7 seasons they have won 6 titles and one was won by Monaco in between. Thus it shows the hegemony of PSG in the French league.

Moreover, the control PSG hold in the transfer market of France also shows the muscle power of PSG, the signing of Kylian Mbappe from rivals Monaco is the prime example of it.

So, most of the times, the Ligue 1 is called as a one-horse race and PSG are accused of killing the competition in the league, which has certainly irked Angel Di Maria and made him draw a comparison with Liverpool.

“Many feel the league is weaker than others but look at England! Liverpool is streets ahead, and when we build up a similar lead it’s because the league isn’t as good? said Di Maria

“There are fewer star names here, but the league is really competitive.” he further asserted his point.

Probably Di Maria has a point over here, as there is a huge gulf of a difference in the quality of squads of Liverpool and Manchester City when compared to the rest of the 18 clubs in the league.

But at the same time, Manchester City and Liverpool have constantly challenged for the Champions League in recent years and the Reds even won the title to prove its European dominance.

Moreover, they never lifting a Premier League title is one of the driving forces for them to win the league this season, otherwise, the Premier League has given some scintillating league races.

Meanwhile, PSG has marked their era in Ligue 1 and no matter how much other French clubs try they will remain inferior to them until they receive similar kind of investment. Last, when Monaco had a quality squad for a season all the European giants robbed them and depleted their squad.

Meanwhile, there is no such case with any other Premier League club, even if they lose their key players, they receive a massive monetary compensation for it as the English club has enough financial power to push their demands.

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Tanish Chachra

Tanish Chachra


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