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Marquinhos’ Father Beaten By Burglars As PSG Duo’s House Is Ransacked

Gautam Kapoor

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The defender’s father was battered by the hoodlums during the heist  

Paris is fast turning out to be searing headache for footballers. The city’s ever dwindling and waning security has now ended up leaving football players knackered as well.

After Mauricio Icardi’s house was ransacked earlier last month, PSG have now two more players become the subject of robberies at their premises. What has been more appalling and abysmal is the violent nature of the heist which was conducted on Angel Di Maria and Marquinhos’ houses on Sunday.

The set of events which unravelled on Sunday first came to light during a peculiar incident in PSG’s matchup with Nantes in Ligue 1. The club’s director, Leonardo was seen rushing into the stadium as he went onto approach manager Mauricio Pochettino to deliver him a message.

Angel And Marquinhos Subjected To Robberies

Angel Di Maria was immediately substituted after the two conferred with it now being revealed that Leonardo had informed Pochettino about a robbery underway at Angel’s house. Pochettino had escorted Angel into the tunnel before the player subsequently departed the stadium to rush back home to be with his family.

Further details which have emerged from the heist go onto reveal the deranged nature of the theft.  Watches and jewellery estimated to be worth more than €500,000 were stolen from a safe in Angel’s home.

More worryingly, his family was held hostage at the time of the incident by the hoodlums. An akin situation which also took place at Marquinhos’ house at roughly the same house saw his father receive several blows, in particular to the face, chest a ribs, in the attack on the defender’s parents’ home.

Marquinhos who played the full 90 minutes against Nantes went onto divulge details on the cringeworthy incident on Instagram.

Footballers around the global stage have been targeted by such hooligans with the Premier League’s Carlo Ancelotti and Olsen also robbed. Olsen’s family was held at knifepoint during the raid, an incident which highlighted the ever growing migrant problem in the European region.

“It is only a matter of time before someone gets killed,” said Alex Bomberg, chief executive of Intelligent Protection International Limited, which is based in the UK and France.

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