Arsenal and Manchester City Are Considering Swap Deal Between Two Superstars

Siddharth Nair
|Published 26/06/2017

Arsenal are in the market for a top class striker while Manchester City are looking for an elite attacker who could take them to the next level. If you consider this, then a swap deal between Alexis Sanchez and Sergio Aguero may not be the worst thing that could happen to either side could it?

Arsene Wenger’s new two year contract means that the Frenchman would still be at the helm in spite of a majority of Arsenal fans wanting change. Last season saw Wenger undergo incredible amounts of pressure from fans and pundits alike, which prompted many people to wonder if it was indeed time for Arsenal’s greatest coach to leave the club. But a late revival in fortunes including a FA Cup win against Chelsea gave Wenger some leeway as he ensured his stay at Arsenal.

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Pep Guardiola on the other hand came to England with the reputation of the greatest coach on the planet. While his City team were breathtaking in the initial matches, they fell off the wayside in the middle of the season which ultimately ended as a big disappointment. Guardiola knows that he needs to improve his squad which is why he is looking for one elite player who could dramatically improve them.

And that’s where Sanchez and Aguero come in.

Aguero is exactly what Arsenal need. A super striker who can finish off the chances that this Arsenal team always creates. On the other hand, Sanche will greatly improve City’s attacking threat as his all round play will make them a more dynamic goal scoring threat.

According to Metro, City are hoping to tempt Arsenal in taking this deal as they know that Arsenal are looking for someone of Aguero’s ilk ever since Van Perise left for Manchester United.

Who knows it might just happen!

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