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“Atrioc has Done a Lot of Harm,” Ludwig Reacts on his Best Friend Exposing The Idea of Deepfake to Lot of New People

Adnan Juzar Kachwala

"Atrioc has Done a Lot of Harm," Ludwig Reacts on his Best Friend Exposing The Idea of Deepfake to Lot of New People

The recent Mogul Mail video showed Ludwig presenting his opinions about the Atrioc situation and reacting to the Deepfake Controversy.

As soon as the video starts, Ahgren talks about how he is pressured into making the video. Why? His best friend, Atrioc, is involved in an adult website Deep Fake Controversy which involves multiple Twitch and Social media personalities. He talks about Atrioc’s apology, where he mentions the displayed video was of someone he did not know in real life. Ludwig also said he took the time to be with his GF, who was having a rough week. Let us break down the video.

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Ludwig Makes a new Mogul Mail Video Covering The Atrioc Controversy

He continues the video by showing us tweets of influential female personalities such as Pokimane, Valkyrae, Maya, and QTCinderella. He also explains the tweets in detail and gives his take on them in traditional Mogul Mail fashion. In addition, we also saw Sweet Anita’s take. However, we know that the website with the deep fakes is now taken down, which the video also mentions.

Ludwig also talks about what it is like being a streamer, comparing them to Hollywood actors in the earlier decades. He also said how being a streamer makes prominent personalities more accessible and how the job is taxing on them. He said, “He f*cked up, but sometimes, one f*ck up is enough.” In terms of his stance, he said,” I hope going forward he takes all the steps and all the actions to make it better.”

Ludwig ended the video by saying,” This was weird. Hopefully, I do not have to do this again, and I can go back to talking about egirl drama.” We do not know what will happen going forward to Atrioc or Atrioc and Ludwig’s relationship, but we will find out soon enough. For more news about Mogul Mail and Streamers, stay tuned to The SportsRush!

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Adnan Juzar Kachwala

Adnan Juzar Kachwala


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