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After Swearing He’d Never Do It, Jay Cutler Surprises Fans With His Favorite Exercise: Deadlifting

Radha Iyer

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Jay Cutler underwent many training routines and managed to nail his requirements during his bodybuilding prime. But back then, he also set some rules regarding some exercises. Deadlifting was one of his favorite activities, but he swore against practicing it due to the chance of injuries. However, he recently broke the rule through an Instagram post.

The photo featured him deadlifting a heavyweight bar. Captured at the exclusive Kilo Club Vegas, Cutler joked about the activity and his promise. Meanwhile, fans were surprised by his workout choice and joined in on the slander.

Since his Fit for 50 challenge, the former Mr. Olympia has dared himself to perform various activities, that he otherwise would be cautious about. After his infamous bicep tear in 2011, he has avoided bench presses and heavy weights like a plague. Yet, he recently picked up the dumbbells and deadlift bar once again.

Sarcastically quoting his past self, as opposed to the ironical picture, Cutler joked in the caption.

““ I’m never dead lifting again””


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Fans immediately caught on to the gag and joined in. One referred to his old statement about never having tried fried chicken from KFC.

“First was KFC, now deadlift. Next, you have to do a bench press again, lol”

While another highlighted how far Cutler had come by breaking his rules.

“Yet here you are hahah”

One fan warned him to perform the deadlift properly lest he injure himself.

“Please watch your form”

One fan expressed his awe seeing his physique ripped even at 50.

“Still bad a** mate..and you are for ever.”

Cutler’s apprehensions surrounding heavyweights weren’t out of place. His bicep tear took a long time to heal, and the scars still show up to date. Nevertheless, that doesn’t discount the fact that he has maintained a jaw-dropping physique at an age where bodybuilders would gradually lose mass. His determination to the sport, therefore, rewarded him with one of the highest honors recently.

Jay Cutler won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Arnold Sports Festival 2024

Recently at the Arnold Sports Festival, Cutler received the Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to the sport. Even at 50, his zeal for workouts led him to guide old and young fitness enthusiasts on social media with helpful tips and advice.

He later took to Instagram to thank his friends, family, and fans who stuck by him. Winning four Mr. Olympia titles throughout his career, he had a village to back him up. Big names from the bodybuilding industry, including his onstage rival Ronnie Coleman, congratulated him on the honor.

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