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Arnold Schwarzenegger Fuels His ‘Village’ to Stay Active With a Simple Step Up

Radha Iyer

Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals the Truth Behind Mastering Will Power at the Gym

In times when work is often performed sitting down, it’s less likely that people remain active throughout their prime. But Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to change that, and he recently did so in his style.

In his newsletter, he addresses the issue of how one might end up sitting in a chair for most of the day. This phenomenon could ultimately lead to health problems and hurdles in mobility as one ages. To avoid this, the only effective solution was to simply get up and remember to stand!

In a study on the average sitting time of adults, researchers found that less time spent sitting directly indicated an improvement in blood pressure problems. Constant movement during the day was the key to preventing sitting for prolonged periods.

Alternatively, sitting for longer hours was detrimental to blood flow in the body. Ultimately, all of this boiled down to the risks of heart disease, and therefore, standing up often was good for the heart.


“Researchers found that reducing sitting by just 30 minutes per day dropped systolic blood pressure by 3.5 mmHg, which is just a little less than exercise and a little more than what’s seen with weight loss.”

Schwarzenegger suggests self-prompts as the easiest way to include more time for standing during the course of one’s day. This could include using gadgets such as fitness trackers or even phone reminders to prompt one to get up.

“As we’ve recommended before, a good rule of thumb is to set at least three or four reminders throughout the day as a way to go for a five or 10-minute walk.”

If frequent walking or standing up wasn’t possible, Schwarzenegger once highlighted a 22-minute movement hack. Crossing that threshold itself could help combat cardiovascular diseases.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals a 22-minute Hack to Stay Fit

Busy schedules may not allow one to move frequently or consistently, and one might get discouraged. But Schwarzenegger once gave an easy solution to complete the bare minimum requirement to stay active throughout the day.

Just 22 minutes of active movement could bring significantly positive changes to one’s physical health. A 12-year-long research conducted on about 12,000 people proved that low to moderate-intensity exercises for the stipulated time drastically reduced chances of early mortality, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and mental health illnesses such as depression. To make things easier, Schwarzenegger wrapped up the segment with a tip to distribute the 22 minutes into two 11-minute breaks throughout the day.

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