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Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals a Secret Ingredient to Improve Post-Workout Recovery

Radha Iyer

Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals a Secret Ingredient to Improve Post-Workout Recovery

A successful workout plan depends on several factors apart from the exercises one performs. These days, with a plethora of options available as a pre or post-workout energy boost, Arnold Schwarzenegger wants people to experience better training sessions.

In his recent newsletter, Arnold mentioned the healing power of cherry juice and how to incorporate it into one’s workout. Apart from nailing down the perfect fitness plan, including diet, sleep, activity, and so on, a good natural supplement like cherry juice could add to the benefits.

A research article on the supplementation of tart cherry juice for muscle recovery hinted at the stunning powers of the beverage. Cherries could be an efficient treat to help bounce back from strenuous workouts faster and better.

Since it contains a bunch of antioxidants and provides anti-inflammatory benefits, scientists firmly believe in its efficacy. From the multiple studies that scientists reviewed, they discovered various other advantages.


“Scientists…found that cherry juice improves muscle strength recovery and muscle soreness and helps with muscle damage and inflammation. There’s also emerging evidence that it could also reduce mental fatigue, exhaustion, and blood pressure.”

However, since the study suggested tart cherry juice, one might wonder if a substitution with any variant of the fruit could deliver the same result. To this, Schwarzenegger assured that the juice from any kind of cherry, and even snacking on the whole fruit, could provide similar benefits. However, there was one condition surrounding the time of consumption that he mentioned further.

“…you can’t simply enjoy cherries or cherry juice after your workout. Research suggests that cherries need to be consumed daily to hit a “critical mass” and might be more effective if consumed before your workouts.”

Workouts are not the only instance where cherry juice can work its magic on the consumer’s recovery. Previously, Schwarzenegger had shared his mocktail recipe containing the beverage for a special purpose.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Recommends Tart Cherry Juice as the Ultimate Sleep Mocktail

Some time ago, a viral ‘Sleepy Girl Mocktail’ took the internet by storm, where people began discovering the magic of cherry juice to improve sleep quality. Schwarzenegger took a page out of this book to share the benefits of including about 250ml of tart cherry juice for better sleep.

It is rich in melatonin and triggers an increase in tryptophan, which eases one into a good night’s sleep. The cherry on top is the wide availability and low-risk factor of the beverage that makes it more accessible for people to try it out and see if it works for them. Just 30 ml tart cherry juice concentrate or 250 ml regular juice an hour or two before going to bed could make all the difference.

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