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Former Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler Reveals How Dumbbell and Barbell Shrugs Benefit Gains

Rahul Goutam Hoom

Flat vs. Incline Bench Press: Which Is Better? Bodybuilding Icon Jay Cutler Settles a Longstanding Debate

In the field of fitness, there are numerous strategies to accomplish one’s physique goals. However, it all depends on how the individual works out and maintains their health through a suitable diet, whether it is cardio or strength training. Jay Cutler, the four-time Mr. Olympia, recently received a common query from his community that sparked his interest.

In his Jaymail, he answers his fan’s question, “Jay, Are Dumbbell or Barbell Shrugs Better?” The bodybuilder is well-versed in these workouts, as evidenced by his introduction to the benefits of shrugs.

The exercise is an excellent approach to increase muscle mass in the upper traps while also benefiting the upper back. He also claims that the development of the trapezius muscle makes one’s physique appear bigger.

However, given the prevailing preference for shrugs, he addresses the question by writing:

“I like both, because with the dumbbells you can stretch more down by your sides and even change the angle.”

While four-time Mr. Olympia recommends completing both types of exercises, according to his expertise, the barbell allows one to lift more weights, resulting in increased physical thickness. Cutler, on the other hand, expresses concern about forcing oneself to lift more weight than they can bear.

The 50-year-old bodybuilder claims that when he exercises, he prefers the back variation because the angle of the workout ideally hits the trapezius muscle. Cutler emphasizes particular amounts in his recommendation of both sorts of exercises, writing:

“To get your traps to really grow, I recommend using both types of shrug. You can do 5 sets with 90 seconds between sets, where you really load the weight up – then do 5 sets with 45 seconds rest, focusing on blood flow.”

The bodybuilding icon has always come up with the solutions his community needs. And because it’s difficult to break into the fitness industry without useful guidance, Cutler once proposed three fundamental training regimens that anyone could follow.

Jay Cutler’s Basic Advice for Beginners

If a person is new to the fitness world, organizing their workout is always a smart idea. Because there are so many possibilities, one may overthink a certain training routine. But Jay Cutler advises starting with the basics, stating that an individual should focus on volume training for four weeks. In addition, during the fourth week, he recommends that the individual reduce the intensity of their workouts and complete the entire cycle again.

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The bodybuilder also emphasizes the need to eat high-quality food every 3–4 hours to ensure that the person gets enough nutrients. For the final advice, the 50-year-old suggests that newcomers take a ‘zig-zag approach’ to carbohydrate consumption. Despite presenting all of these suggestions, he also emphasizes that the individual should just apply them to what they admire and not overthink things.

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