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“I’m in the Process…”: After Fit-for-50, Jay Cutler Comes Clean on Plans for His Next Fitness Goal

Radha Iyer

“I’m in the Process…”: After Fit-for-50, Jay Cutler Comes Clean on Plans for His Next Fitness Goal

Ever since Jay Cutler embarked upon a new fitness journey approaching his 50s, fans have been stunned at his progress. He makes every moment count with his consistent workout sessions and his determination to get fit and healthy. Perhaps that’s why people are now hoping to see more of his endeavors as Cutler approaches the next agenda.

The 4x Mr. Olympia winner will soon turn 51, and fans can’t stop thinking about his insane routine and final form from when he pulled off his Fit-for-50 challenge. In his recent Q&A podcast, a fan couldn’t help but ask him if Cutler had similar goals for the next year.

Turns out, Cutler did have solid plans for his next round of fitness goals for his birthday. Although the results he seeks will be slightly different, he confessed that he had already begun working towards his Fit-for-51 challenge.

“I’m in the process actually! So, a little different this year…I wanted to do something that engaged…my community.”

This time around, Cutler wants to focus on increasing his size and fullness rather than going for definition alone. In his latest challenge, his goal is to make his muscles pop a bit more and appear more rounder overall.

His plan of action to achieve the goal is to zero in on his diet plans as he increases his food intake this year. Aiming for about six meals a day, Cutler’s sure to get to the ideal mass and fuller look with the help of his curated diet.

“Right now I’m only doing 20 minutes of cardio twice a day. But I am eating more food, having the priority, all my meals are prepared here…”

In any case, Cutler is popular for his extreme training routine that now clocks in at more than four days a week. He previously sheepishly admitted where his strenuous training plan came from.

Jay Cutler reluctantly revealed his training schedule

Despite a decade since retirement from competitive bodybuilding, it doesn’t look like the sport has abandoned Cutler. Still training and maintaining his form to the best of his abilities, he recently confessed that his training schedule wasn’t ideal for the ordinary fitness enthusiast.

He often shocked fans when he revealed that he would train seven days a week and often twice a day. Hitting cardio along with his specific group of muscles, he ensured that he got at least one session in case he had commitments and couldn’t make it to the gym. Perhaps that’s why his challenge comes at a time when he can easily pull off being jacked and ripped at a senior age.

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