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“It Almost Cost Me Everything”: Phil Heath Gets Candid While Speaking About His Life Journey, Leaving Fans Emotional

Rahul Goutam Hoom

“It Almost Cost Me Everything”: Phil Heath Gets Candid While Speaking About His Life Journey, Leaving Fans Emotional

The bodybuilding community got to witness a different side of bodybuilding from the latest documentary, Breaking Olympia, which features seven-time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath. It was huge among the audience as it tells us how a bodybuilder like Phil Heath goes through not only physical but also mental hardships to become one of the top bodybuilders in the world.

In his most recent Instagram video, The Gift made a candid confession to his fans while sitting on a chair with a pure white background. He recalls his 36-year career as an athlete, including 21 years as one of the finest in his discipline. The seven-time Mr. Olympia speaks directly to his followers to address the burning question, “Who is Phil Heath?” 

In 2020, the bodybuilder retired from the Mr. Olympia stage. He decided to take a step back from competing and find a new meaning for his life. This difficult decision had a significant impact on his mental health, as he stated that people always thought of him as a bodybuilder competitor rather than the person he was. However, he also blames himself because he hasn’t shared much about himself with his own audience.

Rather than discussing the traumas he has experienced during his career, Heath has always talked about the meals he ate, his sponsors, and everything else associated with his professional life. However, he always desired to break this barrier between him and his audience, as he describes the pressure he was under:

“Having to address a lot of traumas that I’ve gone through over my entire life was extremely tough…I can truly say it was very painful—more than any kind of leg day, more than any kind of workout that I’ve ever endured in my entire freaking life. It almost cost me everything.”

Being successful was extremely difficult for him, as he faced numerous challenges despite having the best physique mankind had ever seen. However, he is pleased to know that his followers have always been with him throughout his journey, and he is grateful for the opportunities that he has had thus far, whether in the field of bodybuilding or beyond.


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According to Phil Heath, the previous year has had a significant beneficial impact on him, as he has created his own documentary, been on numerous podcasts, and met many new people who accept him for who he is.

At the end of the viral video, he thanked his supporters for always being by his side through all of his ups and downs, and after seeing the video, his fans were as emotional as well.

The Impact of Phil Heath’s Words on his Community

While many of the seven-time Mr. Olympia’s supporters had viewed him as tough and bulked up to defeat his rival bodybuilders, this different side of him completely influenced them.

“So Inspiring bro! The walk has been a blessed one! Let’s keep going! Nothing but Love fam!”

One person recalls becoming a fan of Heath owing to his generosity.

“Well, I met you for about 5 minutes at a fitness expo (I don’t even remember which one) you were super nice to this old man when you didn’t have to be. Thanks for that champ, I’ll always be a Phil Heath supporter.”

Another fitness fanatic detailed their journey to becoming a fan of him.

“I wasn’t a fan until one year at olymia you were being escorted to the back, before going on stage, and I stuck my hand up and waved when you were walking right by then you stopped shook my hand and chatted for a few minutes. I didn’t realize how down to earth and nice of a human you were til then. Been a huge fan since.”

Even the 2023 Mr. Olympia champion, Derek Lunsford, chimed in with some words of encouragement for the bodybuilder.

“Battle scars make you stronger. And only warriors have battle scars.”

A fan also gave an encouraging remark for Heath’s most recent documentary.

“My goat! Just caught the Amazon prime doc. What a story!”

This video has brought the community closer to the seven-time Mr. Olympia than ever before. He has always been honest with his audience about his feelings, and they adore him for it.

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