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“Not Always Compare Myself to Someone Else”: Legend Phil Heath Reveals His Champion Mentality, Years After Conquering Mr. Olympia, in an Interview With Piers Morgan

Rahul Goutam Hoom

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Seven-time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath, a recognized name in the bodybuilding realm, has been in the headlines recently because of his latest documentary, ‘Breaking Olympia.’ He recently appeared on Piers Morgan Uncensored and talked extensively about bodybuilding and other subjects surrounding his life. The show host, Morgan, was curious to know Heath’s mental state since he dominated the scene with his monstrous appearance.

Piers Morgan acknowledged that Phil Heath was the greatest bodybuilder of his time; however, he also mentioned that Heath wasn’t the only competitive bodybuilder in his era, as Jay Cutler dominated the scene before becoming a Mr. Olympia title winner.

Cutler was a mass monster during his prime. He was a formidable force, but he had to settle for second place in the 2011 Mr. Olympia, as Heath emerged as the winner. The Gift was so hungry for more after his first victory that he won the title six more times in a row.

Heath’s champion mentality piqued Morgan’s interest in finding out the secret behind the bodybuilder’s success. The Gift went on to explain his mental state during his prime:

“My intention was to be my best version of myself and not always compare myself to someone else.”

To maintain his dominance, Heath adhered to rather basic guidelines. The Gift continued by saying that, in his prime, he refrained from comparing himself to other bodybuilders. He always went for self-comparison, which helped him push forward to further heights.

Heath would print out images of himself to help him enhance his physique. He used a marker to highlight the parts of his printed picture he wanted to work on. Because of this procedure, he could monitor his physical progress over time.

Phil Heath never let his physical limitations stop him

Physical limitations were something that Phil Heath, like everyone else, had to deal with. As a college student, Heath fantasized about playing in the NBA. But his height was the main obstacle; he was just 5 feet, 9 inches tall. Although he was aware of his height, it never stopped him from going after his goals.

Heath was highly competitive and had a great deal of enthusiasm for basketball, which helped him advance in the sport. Because he was already in the sports industry, he always kept his physique on point. However, once he viewed a photo of Ronnie Coleman, it ignited the fire within him that made him the bodybuilding legend he is right now.

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