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Phil Heath Comes Clean About How He Felt After His Seven Years of Mr. Olympia Domination Came to an End in 2018

Rahul Goutam Hoom

“Better Take Care of It”: Phil Heath Reminds Fellow Bodybuilders of an Important Step in Their Fitness Journey

Different athletes have dominated the bodybuilding industry in different eras. Whether it was the ferocity of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lee Haney, or Phil Heath, all of their dominances eventually reached an end. Many athletes struggle to deal with the feeling of falling from grace, and this specific loss is especially painful for them.

Heath’s seven-year reign as Mr. Olympia concluded in 2018 when he lost to Shawn Rhoden. In the Menace Podcast with Dennis James, the former professional bodybuilder discusses how that entire year was quite different for him.

He begins by explaining how he used to train alone in the gym because his trainer wasn’t always present. However, he does not regret this because, as his parents’ only child, he has accomplished many things on his own.

Going to the stage, Heath always held himself in high esteem, but the loss he suffered in 2018 wasn’t on his bucket list, as he recounts:

“I felt embarrassed. I felt like I should have to walk home for losing, because losing is not something I told myself.”

There were many hurdles in preparing for Olympias, but he overcame them seven years in a row. However, the 2018 edition changed everything because Heath never considered himself a loser. He maintained a champion mindset throughout all of the challenges he faced to become a Mr. Olympia title holder.

Heath also recommended that podcast listeners watch his latest documentary, “Breaking Olympia: The Phil Heath Story,” to learn more about his hardships and the emotions he had while competing.

The former professional bodybuilder admits he isn’t perfect and has made numerous blunders that have cost him his eighth title. Heath, on the other hand, never gave up, and even after losing to Shawn Rhoden in 2018, he admired his opponent.

He never felt disappointed in his efforts, since he was proud to walk off the stage with so many accolades. During his competitive career, the bodybuilder icon faced his rival. He always respected his competition, but this bodybuilder held a special place in his dictionary.

The rivalry between Phil Heath and Kai Greene

The host of ‘The Menace Podcast with Dennis James’ asked Milos Sarcev and Chris Cormier about bodybuilding rivalries on the same show. While discussing Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler’s rivalry, James demanded the best in the sport’s history. And because no one could give him the response he desired, the host revealed that Phil Heath and Kai Greene had the best rivalry.

The seven-time Mr. Olympia, who was also present on the show, described how they both had a unique competitive connection on stage. Even their admirers despised each other, and the internet developed two entirely different perspectives. This rivalry differed significantly from that of Coleman and Cutler, as they maintained a close friendship outside of the stage, whereas Greene and Heath were simply not comparable.

After recalling their moments, he stated that he always regarded Greene with the utmost respect. The bodybuilders had a love-hate relationship that drove them to different heights of the sport, which they accomplished together on stage. Heath even admits that such rivalry is uncommon in the world of bodybuilding these days, and he respects the challenges he experienced with Greene while competing.

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